I really do worry about the mental health of GNU/Linux users. They're like FOX "News" viewers, so much completely anti-reality shit fed to them it starts backing out of their mouths.

"We're the only free people! The UN/New World Order/Apple/Communists/Fluoridators are going to make you wear masks/use their app store/bottled water and take away mah guns/compilers/precious bodily fluids!"

Dude. Chill the fuck out, it's not like that.

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% uname
% cat strangelove.c
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
printf("PURITY OF ESSENCE\n");
return 0;
% clang -o strangelove strangelove.c
% ./strangelove

@mdhughes We Mac users have been educated stupid, Mark!

@mdhughes yeah I've been noticing a streak of conspiracy theorist/anti-reality thinking and it's concerning. It's just an operating system with a kernel, it's not that deep??

@mdhughes HOLY COW yes this! Just heard on a Linux podcast this morning about the community FREAKING OUT over the fact that the Linux Foundation released a PDF that was clearly made using Adobe products! THE HORROR!

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