Wizards Address the Orc Problem

Wizards of the Coast: Diversity and Dungeons & Dragons
See also my recent post: The Thing About Orcs

Nice to see this directly addressed. Obviously I still prefer my solution which was just to replace Orcs with a more sympathetic species, but WotC is a business with tight margins so they'll just do the minimum necessary to not be running a minstrel show.

I've never really

@mdhughes I know very little about this, but I found those three posts fascinating. Thanks.

It's fascinating to see D&D races be used as a kind of racial class. This is somewhat surprising to me, but now that it's happened it seems like it was always inevitable.

(I agree your approach seems best.)

@tewha TSR started to get pressure in the late '80s and they overreacted by whitewashing *everything*, even demons. But these gross portrayals kept getting revived, so yeah, it was gonna boil over someday.

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