In honor of DDJ, my favorite magazine ever, I found a random code listing from 1985, updated it, ran it, it works perfectly aside from pre-ANSI C and renaming silliness.

% clang -o ddj_rand ddj_rand.c

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@goosey The cardinal type is fine, but calling static "private" was insane. Ran into that kind of nonsense all the time back then.

@Sabex @goosey static's been there since the start, and it does make globals & functions "private" in the sense of file-module-only (but it puts local vars into static scope, which is totally different!), but renaming it is just pointless confusion.

Defining the "cardinal" type does make it clearer, so I made that a typedef, which small C's often didn't support back then.

@mdhughes I like to see how wide peopleโ€™s eye get when I tell them paper was a significant medium for software distribution and we typed third party code in by hand. Even at the time it seemed wacky.

One thing I miss though are the crazy little programs from Beagle Brothers adverts. They were typically two lines of gibberish that somehow did something amazing.

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