I'll just play the entire Hackers & Hackers 2 albums while I wait for the stream to come back.

I routinely watch idiots play ESO on a stream, with (low) thousands of viewers, and their streams don't drop the way the h4xx0rz have.

Supposedly starts in 3 minutes, maybe that'll work.

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@mdhughes I'm an idiot that used to play ESO. I quit before the first DLC came out.

Maybe I should pick it up again

@Sabex It's great when it works. Crashes a lot on login for me these days, but it's the only MMO I can really stand.

@Sabex Well, they have a yearly "chapter" schedule now, patches every week or two. At least there's new content, and I'm enjoying the antiquities hunting now.

@mdhughes I read about that, there's been some criticism apparently. I guess there always is. I used to enjoy the raids though. I think I'll dust it off

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