What is your principle Fediverse stream?

How do you follow / use The Fediverse / Mastodon?

Boosts appreciated.

Comments on "What is your principle Fediverse stream?" poll.

1. Self-selected response polls are all but statistically useless. Don't take results (or analysis) as representative. Sample size has little to do with representative accuracy. (Random or stratified random sampling is much more accurate.)

That said this suggests some usage patterns.

2. I know fitting multiple options to a single choice sucks. My own usage fits the poll poorly too.

Speaking of my own usage ...


3. Poll results are all but completely unlike my own usage. I usually have 3-6 columns visible:

1-3 pinned lists
Maybe "Home"
The "Browse" (?) column

Obviously, I'm using the multi-pane view.

Public timelines are rarely visible.

Hashtags may occasionally be pinned.

From responses, 94% of you don't do anything like this, instead following Home, Local, or Federated timelines.


I'm suspecting that most users:

Simply use the default layout.
Aren't aware columns can be aadded/removed, rearranged, or pinned.
Aren't aware that List and Hashtag colums can be pinned.
Aren't aware of Lists.
Have found Lists too cumbersome, possibly not discovering simpler management interfaces.

This suggessts usability, discoverability, and possibly evangelism or documentation opportunities.


There are about 20 respondants who principally follow lists and maybe 10 who follow hastags. I'd like to know how and why these people came to use these options.

For the 94% following Home, Local, or Federated limelines: are you aware of the ability to redefine & rearrange streams?



@dredmorbius You can't put multiple tags in a column, so it's fairly useless. I do open my bio tag block and click a tag sometimes to check what's happening, but they're all low-traffic.

If I want to follow people, I follow them, I don't need lists, and I'm not letting Fediverse get like Twitter where I had thousands of people in a firehose.

@mdhughes You can add additional hashtags to a colum from their context menu, once it's been pinned. Recently posted a screenshot over here: mastodon.infra.de/@galaxis/105

This seems to create a separate hashtag search for each one listed there, and combines the results and filtering clientside.

@dredmorbius See latest boost! It's working, but I don't know if I'll keep it.

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