Hrmn. My very old nice boots are really wearing out, especially on wet/icy ground, no good. I have newer cheap boots, but they're in even worse state. Vimes Boots Theory only carries you so far, and then you have to buy new boots.

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Exciting adventures in boot shopping continue.

Old nice boots were Timberland side-zip buckled steel-toe, long discontinued when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. That nearly pushed me to get them repaired at any cost.

THEN, I found Timberland Mt Maddsen Hiker at a nice discount (but not "cheap"), so I hit [BUY CONSUME THIS IS YOUR GOD] as one does. Reviews are "warm and dry", which is a convincing argument.

Gotta make it 3-5 days in emergency backup running shoes.

Conclusion of BootQuest2020: Got the , standard size seems to fit perfectly. Jet-black and spiky tread. Guess I'll see if they survive 1 year like last cheapo pair, or 10 years like last good pair.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I'm thinking about it, there's a shoe repair place in town. Dunno if it'll cost more to bring them up to usable for a couple more years, than get a new pair that'll last hopefully another decade.


in my elliptical opinion, comfy resoled boots are better than getting a new pair of Doc Martens which then reshape your feet to match the template at the factory.

@mdhughes In the UAE I found most contractors wearing the same thing: Tan boots, tan cargo pants, and a company logo shirt. Looked pretty sharp! So that became my standard outfit when I show up at customer locations.
I got a pair of tan boots, trying to balance requirements of oil platforms, electrical safety, tower climbing, and airport work. Minimum height, slip rating, arc flash, toe crush; every industry has different ratings. Ended up with these:

@ericphelps I do like a side-zipper, but I find my actual use is closer to hiking and all-terrain than urban work environments. And those are about double what I'm paying (but half what my old boots cost!)

I am of course dressed all in black. Even got a nice new Dexter kill shirt^W^W^W black long-sleeve Henley shirt.

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