What the fuck, M1 again.
The new bottom-of-the-line M1 Macs unzip Xcode (a stupidly long process in case you haven't had the "pleasure") in half the time of a FUCKING MAC PRO.

@mdhughes But this is more an io bound thing telling about the general architecture design than it is about CPU power, no?

(I had said it before: I'll be curious about the Apple Silicon Mac Pro.)

@Konrad No, Xcode unzips eat CPU & RAM mostly that I've seen (making a computer unusable until done). And the Mac Pro should have faster I/O than the M1s, and many more cores… But it doesn't matter.

@mdhughes Seeing the various benchmark reports on the new Apple hardware I can't help wondering what all the other ARM people have been doing wrong up to now.


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