I decided my ennui with writing (and not just opening my RPG in Pages, staring at it, maybe adjust some layout… close) is a tool problem (even tho Pages works fine for layout & sorta fine for editing). So clearly I should go pen shopping^W find another word processor.

Ulysses is a subscription, fuck no. And is it named after the wanker novel, or the Tennyson poem I love, or Gen. Grant, or…? Probably the wanker novel.

WriteRoom is still awesome and minimal. Hasn't been updated in like 5 years.


Really kind of a bleak landscape. I'd love to have Editorial on the Mac, but that's not happening, I'd be impressed if he ever updates it on iOS again.

ByWord seems OK, but really doesn't offer anything over any other text editor. Cheap, tho, $11 Mac + $6 iOS.

iA Writer is much more advanced, has file inclusion so you can outline. But geez, $30 Mac + $30 iPhone (and has Android, Windows… which I'd never use).

@dajbelshaw I've used it long ago, but it's the opposite of what I need: Distraction-free. As little between me & writing as possible, and no fiddling with layout in the process. I don't write anything so long I need outliners or index cards, and if I did I'd use paper index cards.

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