Hrmn. My very old nice boots are really wearing out, especially on wet/icy ground, no good. I have newer cheap boots, but they're in even worse state. Vimes Boots Theory only carries you so far, and then you have to buy new boots.

Exciting adventures in boot shopping continue.

Old nice boots were Timberland side-zip buckled steel-toe, long discontinued when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. That nearly pushed me to get them repaired at any cost.

THEN, I found Timberland Mt Maddsen Hiker at a nice discount (but not "cheap"), so I hit [BUY CONSUME THIS IS YOUR GOD] as one does. Reviews are "warm and dry", which is a convincing argument.

Gotta make it 3-5 days in emergency backup running shoes.

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Conclusion of BootQuest2020: Got the , standard size seems to fit perfectly. Jet-black and spiky tread. Guess I'll see if they survive 1 year like last cheapo pair, or 10 years like last good pair.

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