Super weird part of this review is Kay & Carrington aren't weebs and missed one of the biggest media fads of the '80s. I was (for family reasons as well as a diet of early anime & jidaigeki on TV) fascinated by Japan and watched Shogun, read the book, then read better historical books on William "Anjin" Adams and Tokugawa… Never played the game past a few rooms.

@mdhughes Did you ever finish zork? I got an extra shift so I could buy a magazine with hints....
#goldenage of games

@qwxlea I completed almost all the original Infocom games as they came out, rarely with any hints—I had invisiclues for one, maybe the third Enchanter?—and the rest on Lost Treasures CDROM in the '90s. I never played the graphical ones beyond a few starting rooms.

@mdhughes I bow to you sir ... I never had the patience (I *did* become elite, and beat up the thargoids, so my youth was not completely lost)

@qwxlea I think the only non-RPG or adventure computer games I played in my yout' were Star Raiders, Rescue on Fractalus, & Halley Project. All action games were on consoles.

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