raspbian keeps forgetting my trackpad exists every couple of days. The keyboard it's in works fine and has on other systems, so I'm 95% sure it's fucking Linux. I dunno if there's a command line tool to fix it, I just turn it off and on again, because fixing fucking Linux is pointless.

@mdhughes I take it you’re not a fan of Linux, Mark...

I prefer AROS for x86, or RISC OS for Raspberry Pi and ARM, both FOSS with great 90s-centric designs.

@joerebelloharley Linux is the syphilis of operating systems.

But on the RasPi4, running anything except raspbian is even more of a pain, especially when I mostly use it to watch Youtubes and occasionally shell into something. I'm hoping with sort-of-commercial RPi development and only a few hardware profiles, it'll get less bad.

@mdhughes Valid point. I’ve just started running a Pi 400 with Ubuntu, it’s been fine so far to be honest.

@joerebelloharley I'm tempted to burn a TIC-80 baremetal profile to an SD card and see how that is for fun, but it won't help me do anything useful.

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