Johnny: "Hey Suzie, have you ever gone out with a guy with a computer?"
Suzie: "I only have chemistry with a computer." (literally the book she's holding)

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I can't identify the computer. Anyone?

Uh, either Johnny has a hand in his pocket, or some peripheral, or… he's *really* happy to see Suzie.

The issue has an excellent FAQ on programming and intro to Pascal, which would be good to give to the Kids Todayβ„’, even.

Except FreePascal's a mess currently, it's not 64-bit all the way through.

P5 runs portably on most things, tho.
(oh shit this guy's background image. )

… Maybe not. Took a moment to try p5, and it's not really a usable system.

@mdhughes I don't know what's bigger -- his computer or his hair

@craigmaloney @mdhughes
A whopping 4kb of ram! I do remember having seen this, they were popular in the NL for a while.
The z80 was a pretty cool processor, had one in my C128 with cp/m

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