Now I can move and handle events.
Time to get coffee so I can think about the harder parts.

There we go, nice title screen, multiple maps, and I can see NPCs. They don't respond yet.

Everything's animated and bouncing up and down, stars twinkling, but I'm way too lazy to capture video.

OK, halfway to having a real scripting system in the game. Back to exactly where I was yesterday.

@mdhughes I've not heard of that particular implementation, I'm off to furiously research it now.

I always fancied having a go with a scheme, but I always end up going back to CL.

Nice work by the way. Love the sprite

@Sabex Chez's fantastic. Super fast (JIT is near C), and launches nigh-instantly unlike most compiled Schemes, and thunderchez has most SRFIs, SDL, and a bunch of other useful libraries.

@mdhughes ooh now you've got me interested. CL has to load the entire image before it runs and takes a dog's age to start. The OpenGL implementation is super low level and I haven't found a decent game dev set up yet.

@mdhughes Thank you for that, saved for when I haul my ass out of bed

Scheme is beautifully readable, but I know I'm going to keep using (defun blah ()) instead of (define blah []) ๐Ÿ˜‚

@Sabex It's so nice not to have to remember defun and funcall. I mostly (define (foo x) ...) but also macro'd ฮป to lambda so I can (define foo (ฮป (x) ... )) which is way cooler.

@mdhughes there's a mode in emacs that replaces lambda that I've used in the past, and it does look pretty sweet (and seems to stand out more to the eye)

@mdhughes if you got save and load, or even one of those working, and a character on the screen in one day, you are a rock star! :)

@jos It just does init from a map file today, save/load will come when I've got more data, but the keys work. I have a framework that makes that simpler.

I spent like 6 hours reviewing sprites & designing, maybe 2-4 coding.

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