ah, back and sated.

gonna thread a bit of a riff on my thinking at the end of this oddly productive in odd ways kind of saturday, and I'm tagging it #theTubes for now because that's good.

also, I'll make the rest unlisted so I'm not quite so shouty on the rest of y'all's federated feeds and such - I do apologize if us'n got a little loud with our well-meaning nerdy hellthread today.

your patience is, as always, graciously accepted.

okay, so a short-ish summary, some middlin-ish riffing on variations on a theme, and then some forward looking statements on #theTubes

#theTubes is an ad hoc experiment around throwing together a decentralized peer-to-peer shared vpn fabric amongst a small group of node operators who have some common interest and connection.

that's the short-ish-est summary I'm likely to round up tonight, but it should suffice. what it lacks in detail it makes up for in brevity.

a number of folks that joined in the thread where this coalesced pointed out that there wasn't a lot of "why" that made sense with the sketchy ideas as presented by the time I decided to just start looking around at stuff and poking it into different shapes in my head, and then on a pi.

my wife too was not sure why I was spending a saturday doing small-to-medium-sized business sysadmin LARP with no attached client.

by which I mean, that's a totally valid line of questioning, and it helps focus some of my often scattered energies in mulling over how I'd think up a way to answer the "why"s a little more clearly than "oh, it's cool, you'll see" because that's wholly unsatisfying to anyone but the person saying it really.

but I'm also not great at immediately coming up with a good clean genericized way to present the base concepts that I'm trying to encapsulate. so I tell stories instead.

so, stories about using #theTubes

fist story is a brief compare and contrast of something that happens all over the internet every day, first as it works on the public internet, and then how it works on the tubes.

you're part of a small but scrappy team of bloggers who have come to really enjoy writing on a particular set of topics and you have a good shared audience, so you set up a group blog with multiple editors.

not-boing-boing for lack of a better name.

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