Cyberpunk Manga

Most all of these are out of print, or so obscure that apparently I'm the only person I know who's ever read them.

Blame!: Nihei Tsutomu, Blame! anime previously reviewed.
Blame! Academy And So On: Nihei Tsutomu's art book, weird school side-story to Blame!
Noise: Nihei Tsutomu, prequel to Blame!
Digimortal: Nihei Tsutomu. Bleak and awesome.
AD Police: The serious part of Bubblegum Crisis. The ani

@mdhughes I like how you link to Simple Comic and one of the screenshots is a Tsutomu Nihei work I haven't read yet. Could this be Knights of Sidonia?

@wasamasa Knights or Academy. Tsutomo's moë all looks the same to me.

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