What's your favorite formatting option for writing long posts in text editor a when writing stuff online?

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I should have added this as a caveat: "Especially on mobile or a variety of devices with non-traditional keyboards." Markdown is clearly the go-to for most people on keyboards these days, but it's hard to use on (especially) an iPhone keyboard without hardcore markdown autocompletion in an app.

Also to clarify: by "writing stuff online" I meant "composing text in a browser" as opposed to "writing content for the web"


@Alamantus I dunno what people do on Android, but on iPhone there's a ton of editing apps like Drafts, Editorial, Ulysses, for writing Markdown, and then you can copy-paste those into forms. You should never write anything long directly in a mobile web form, you'll lose your text and it's miserable.

@mdhughes Hey I just checked out Drafts, and it has the potential to completely change my life on iOS, so thanks a ton for this suggestion!

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