"one report roughly estimates that covering less than 1% of the world's cropland with conventional solar arrays could generate all the world's present electricity demands (assuming the sun stops moving and we no longer have clouds, and assuming no access is needed and the entirety of that area was covered in panels)"

ah yes, all we have to do is make the sun stop moving and get rid of clouds

Sign my change dot org petition to tidally lock the earth

@cinebox First, there will be a terrible fight for a spot on the sunny side. Until people had time to think it through.


@tsturm @cinebox The constant windstorms between hot and cold sides are gonna be interesting. Temperature probably won't drop below atmospheric freezing (not "A Pail of Air") on darkside, since the air would circulate from lightside.

Of course, the darksiders will then learn magic and only Jack of Shadows will travel between the sides…

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