Somewhere out there is a young nerd at a crossroads:

A life of Scheme, LISP, drugs, insanity, and freedom.

A life of corporate enslavement, scooping out their brains a little more every day for a steady paycheck.


@mdhughes I've been meaning to read SICP. Haven't done much more than browse it yet. And I taught myself java! Didn't use that book though, and it took a lot more than 24 hours. XD

@mdhughes Didn't get the corporate enslavement or the steady paycheck, either. XD

@Angle It's never too late. Start at the beginning, do all the exercises (I'd use Chez Scheme, but MIT-Scheme & Racket command-line are usable).

I did do the corporate enslavement thing for too long, and I have nothing to show for it. Insanity has served me far better.

@mdhughes Hmm. Any advice on a good IDE for Chez Scheme? :/

@Angle I just use Sublime Text currently, added .ss etc to the Lisp syntax highlighting, I haven't found/looked for a specific Scheme one yet (it'd be nice to have more keywords lit up).

And I do a lot of work in the Chez REPL, the editor's fantastic. Then copy-paste over to my script.

I write unit tests with SRFI-64 from Thunderchez, and

Caveman Schemer, but it works!

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