I really think Microsoft and Windows 11 are making a huge mistake by having ads at the OS level. If it's simple enough to mess up the delivery mechanism for ads imagine what a hostile actor could do on your machine if they have access to (I'm assuming) a HTML or other layer on your machine through Microsoft's ad network


(Note: Not the place for telling me that MS is "evil" or about alternatives. I've preached that gospel, and frankly the parroting is tiresome)


@craigmaloney Microsoft is fairly unique. Normally anything stupid you find in tech is either incompetence XOR malice, but with Microsoft, they have malicious to purely greedy intent, and then execute it in the most fucked-up, brain-checked-out-not-returned fashion possible.

So of course they're running random snippets of HTML/JS/CSS/COMX/VBScript/C#/whatever from "advertisers" in a little Edge window. Anyone who can pay them a little money can pwn any Windows machine.

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