Luke's father was a Guild Navigator. The spice expands consciousness, attunes you to The Force.

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The manga is super weird.

A) Translated from English (Lucas' OG script, not film!) to Japanese to English. I know what the source lines are, and they're not what it got turned back into, generally.

B) Star Wars is literally Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress with Mifune's General character split up into Obi-Wan, Luke, & Han.

C) Doesn't try to imitate the actors at all, really, except general casting archetypes. And mostly gets the characterization closer than the movie ever did.

@mdhughes When you're fully attuned to the force, you'll realize the spoon doesn't exist. πŸ™„
Therefore the cake is a lie. πŸ€ͺ

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