Funniest thing in tech: Emacs doesn't work on Mac because it uses a Ruby program as a wrapper.

Yes, you have an ancient binary with its own scripting language that takes 800 MB RAM, so you should totally start it from the slowest, most bloated interpreter on the system.

@mdhughes I don't quite understand the full thing, but it looks like there's a special Mac thing they've done for Emacs so they can wrap all of the binaries in one download:

@emacsomancer Yeah, and I can read that… it's just screwing with the path & env, you could literally do that in the same length of C and it'd just work, without a giant Ruby interpreter.

@mdhughes I suppose for something trivial like this a scripting language isn't too unreasonable.

(I'm not too crazy about some of the tools I have to use though, where someone thought it would a good idea to built an annotation tool in python 2.7. (spoiler: it's slow!).)

@mdhughes The funniest part is trying to use emacs to be productive… :blobcateyes:

/me runs.

@mdhughes If I were an enterprising malware developer I'd be learning Ruby as we speak.

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