Me: <has a bunch of games in progress>
Vexed: New asset pack!
Me: OOH! I got ideas for a more deathmarchy game… <buys>

Nice little set (I need to do a wall-curve filter, not just use the one box). Might scale it up more so it's chunky like an NES game.

Wrote a few lines of game design and setting, which is sufficient, right?

Might be ridiculously optimistic to think I could ship by Halloween, tho. The first Haunted Halloween game in JS took 2 months and was barely up in time. But Scheme's easier, right?


I did get something useful done. Corridors! Just Bresenham lines, might have a few alternative room & corridor generators before I'm done.

Soon I can stop floating in th' void and walk into walls & doors & monsters & such.

I make fun of myself for <10,000 projects>, but really, I haven't made a proper roguelike since…

Brigand (2015) was action-roguelike, and boy were people not ready/happy about that.

Perilar (2008) was more of a randomized Ultima/Akallabeth.

Hephaestus (2001) RPG construction kit had my Five Lanterns adventure and a port of Umbra (1999), which are properly roguelike but kinda weird settings.

New Perilar is again randomized Ultima-like, and Darkened World is non-random JRPG.

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