Hey! Tell me about your favorite indie games.

Platformers, RPGs, Puzzle Games, Adventure games. Maybe other stuff, but not FPSs.

I'm looking for stuff made by small teams or individuals, weird, game jam entries, unfinished, all fine.

It needs to run on linux, or run in an emulator that exists on linux.

Just something I can play for a bit.


@ajroach42 I almost solely play rando stuff from itch.io now, mainly from the Ukraine or BLM bundles. Celeste, Lennas Inception, ROM, Night in the Woods. Valerie Dusk's weird shit will fuck you up, it's great.

The Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe just came out, I'm waffling on platform choices atm. TSP 1.0 was the best game of that year. Maybe decade.

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