Build binary & app. Double-click app doesn't work. Running binary from shell works. Spend a few minutes trying to find anything in logs.

Double-click app again. Launches fine.



I miss distributing programs as just a BAS file, or maybe a Java JAR before Oracle. Probably works fine on your machine.

(no, your C "floss" program with ./configure and 500 dependencies is not equivalent, fuck off)

@mdhughes modern .net releases has the option of bundling everything into a single binary

@hjertnes That's as bad or worse than the floss shit, because now you're coding in C# or some other MS sharecropper lang, and have to use their godawful tools and Windows(barf) to do it. Doesn't work on Mac or Linux.

And I've used ".net" stuff with Miguel's stupid hack tools, it doesn't make a "single binary", you get a folder full of garbage DLLs and maybe a binary in that compost heap.

@mdhughes all modern .net tooling since 2015 have been cross platform and it’s nothing like the windows only junk. I think it’s a good language if you like strongly typed languages

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