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Cyanide & Happiness @​ @​Explos... - 22h :
We don't do NFTs.

If you see a Cyanide & Happiness NFT, that
wasn't us.

If you bought a Cyanide & Happiness NFT,
you got scammed, also lol.

QD 106 TQ 2,020 © 269K

OMOGON 2% I LS *:3, @​omogonix - 11h
Replying to @​Explosm

Don't know why u had to add the "also lol"
at the end there, shouldn't glorify vulnerable
people being scammed

Ox. tI Ow

Cyanide & Happiness @​

Replying to @​omogonix

NFT bros losing money is funnier
than any of our comics.

11:36 AM - 26 May 22 - Twitter for Android

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