CP/M is now actually open source! Finally you can put a good OS on your computer.

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It's been a long 2 years since ordering my SpecNext, and another year until it ships now, and the CP/M mode was a major reason for getting it.

… Pfft. My "no more than one outstanding computer order" rule is probably getting abandoned soon.

@mdhughes Can this be considered a Free Software License for FSDG purposes? Is CP/M becoming a Free Software OS? :ms_robot:

@yewscion Most of it's explicitly MIT license, and this seems to be equivalent.

@mdhughes That is awesome. I'm excited at the prospect to be able to mess around with CP/M sometime.

@mdhughes seems it was before but wasn’t really clear on that. A nice update to clarify the license bringing it more in line with opensource.
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