Oh, don't play pranks on users. They're already pretending Linux is an OS and trying to get work done with it, which is the cruelest joke possible.

At least we can try...on other 'OS' you already die trying 🤜

@mdhughes Linux is the kernel. I am not pretending it is OS.

@qeef Linux is a big ecosystem of mostly crappy code, of which the FSF's obsolete contributions are a minor part that nobody really interacts with.

@mdhughes True. All the code is crappy from some point of view. I don't care. Still, Linux is not OS, so your joke is not joke.

@mdhughes @qeef Everything is a big ecosystem of mostly crappy code. It's just with Linux, you're not forced to use the crappy code, and can just install the good stuff.

@mdhughes Better to use BSD. It's mostly compatible with ten-year-old Thinkpads and nothing else, but you can at least be smug about it!

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