I've finally got my web games/tech demo site MysticDungeon fully running SSL, a proper Node & database server, and all the existing games ported to my common "Learn2JS" framework. High scores and hit counters work for all of them; I haven't set up a really stable migration tool yet but that's on the TODO list before anything more serious gets stored there.

If you run into any bug

Ah, the cyberpunk cluster's in media. Good stuff, Mirrorshades, Pat Cadigan, Richard Kadrey… Still too much Gibson, who's now in hour 10,000 of his 15 minutes, but whatcha gonna do.

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What I'm Watching: 12 Monkeys (1995)

Haven't seen this since the theatre when it came out.

So, 1995. Bruce Willis was familiar from Moonlighting, and Die Hard, and his mediocre blues album The Return of Bruno, but hadn't become quite the caricature and one-note joke he is now. Brad Pitt had just come off True Romance and Se7en, whining and crying "What's in the box? What's in the box?!" Madel

Allegedly a first look at the new DUNE:

Outfits look like shit, completely bland black nothing-outfits when the Atreides wear bright green & black. That's obviously supposed to be Leto & Jessica in center. Fat man's Thufur or Yueh? And I guess Flock of Seagulls is Paul.

Awful bunker "set" or maybe backstage? Real Atreides flag is a red eagle on green & black, not white on green Slytherin style.

Orange Catholic Jesus wept, this is gonna suck on toast, isn't it?

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