Also known as Tuesday.
Also alsø, why is "Browser" capitalized? It's a category, not a name.


> “The entire company is all hands investigating what happened and working to trace and patch the problem,” Torba wrote Sunday.

I dunno what good these guys are gonna do looking at SQL.

Rather unusually, ReadEra in my little Nook tablet is not amused by my Cryptonomicon epub, center justified regardless of what setting I use, even tho it looks fine in Murasaki on desktop (best epub reader I've ever found, not every book really makes sense in the scroll UI but it's fine).

I guess it's the haiku that are confusing it? May have to do something about that.

a thinking mans' game.
"you have to earn enough to pay off the mortgage on the craft or it's re-posessed[sic]!"

sexist cartoons of the past! 

Woo, '70s cartoons survived into the '80s.
1. Would you pull over for that?
2. So tricky code is illegal, but tricks aren't. OK, Trixie.
3. He's gonna fuck the hell out of that computer.
4. First goatse!

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Oh, wait, he's not just a curmudgeon, he predicted the WWW and Javascript Single-Page-Applications!

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Is memory expansion just a status symbol?

Really, who needs more than 8K RAM? Once you're past 48K you have to do bank-switching anyway.

OMG, Readdle Documents made the best change ever: A scroll bar thumb! It's now possible to zip thru a PDF without scraping the bottom of the screen for 30s trying to find the 1px that drags.

I like big scrollbars and I cannot lie.

Nice, I can set my name by just talking to an NPC! And I can go upstairs and set my job, too. Can't really do math yet or I'd have a fibonacci proof-of-scripting.

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NPC's dialog script:

hello,name: Greetings, I'm {mob-name}.
job: I get by.
how: Times are tough.
world: The world is ending!
*: What?

\o/ !

They can sorta do commands but I need to get script evaluation in.

Well, after a couple hours and total restarts for new mods, I finally found fields, animals, and got some basic supplies. Only mobs I've seen have been shit-looking zombies and ghosts (who I stayed away from).

If I stayed at it, I could supposedly make a leather backpack, and a bed for safety, and my inventory wouldn't be such a disaster.

I did find a "dungeon" of mossy cobble… but nothing in it.

Not a great experience out of the box.

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Entirely reasonable. And they don't even have the big store as a literal box on a hill with paved-over approach. Tohru would burn any Wal-Mart down.

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