Why is this weiner in space? I guess the weiner skin is tough as a spacesuit, so it only needs the bubble helmet for air? But why does the weiner need air?! Aaaugh!

And is Davey Rocket a pilot, or the rocket itself?


Luer made a real rocket (truck): imgur.com/a/G5Xn2

Also, for those who want VR avatars, readyplayer.me/ is useful, but not many options.

My IRL hair's dark bronze depending on sunlight, and my beard's half gray, but their color palette is awful. So the avatar's a redhead. No facial sliders at all.

New Switch update lets you share photos to your phone directly! By scanning 2 QR codes which join a private LAN and read from a server. It's super janky but better than bouncing thru Twttr.

Feeling a little called out.

I got the single-char varname thing from Bentley's Programming Pearls, and it's *fine*, as long as they don't leak out of the function. My methods and globals all have long names.


Thanksgiving? Kill your parents! Let the animals on the table! Eat toast, popcorn, jelly beans, and pumpkin pie! Anarchy now!

Back when Star Wars was good.

I like that the artist knew who the heroes of the saga were: The Millennium Falcon, and Darth Vader.


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