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3 movies, 2 videogames, and still Artax always dies in the swamp.

The Dude tries to abide with a beverage at the end of the day.

And this is why I play Magic-Users. "Poor Fighter is unarmed, he is little baby now. Oh no you're going to disarm me of my walking stick, too? OK I can still create a nuclear holocaust by speaking 3 words. Klaatu Barata… don't test me!"

Kids Today™ just don't appreciate summer camp like we used to.

(I went to Scout camps, where I nearly lost my thumb to a broken knife, nearly killed another kid in a counting coup game that went bad, played a bunch of D&D and Palladium Fantasy… and a couple computer camps. Nerds!)

Captain America. Skin-tight costume. Where did he pull those "chocolate" cup cakes from?

Almost worst possible character (tried for Navy, was sent to Merchant Marines), but the analysis pages are awesome.
Then the program crashed on me, so I need to retry this in a real emulator.

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I don't believe in the "one change, one commit" nonsense. More of "tools down, check in". P4 checkins used to take so long!

Sure, horrific repressive imagery is great for selling… a vocabulary game?

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Also I'm listening to this PZA album PZA, and the cover art makes me need food.

I feel like I'm having a stroke reading the title of this game.

Atari 8-bits had a neat trick, they used only left track of the cassette for program, you could put mono audio on the right track, and play it along the program load, or keep programmatically playing & pausing it.

I only knew of a couple educational tapes that used it, amazing to see a game I never heard of (or had a stroke and forgot it then, too)

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Also I want a 5-episode Netflix series about the best Jack the Ripper theory.

"My lord and savior Alastair Reynolds has a new book out!"

Which, yes. But it's weird to see Gabe the quasi-literate artist like a hard SF writer?

No matter how bad things are now, these will seem like The Good Old Days to the kids of the future.

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