@BestGirlGrace I've been on and managed a few, but it largely is subverted by waterfall goons.

"Let's spend a 4-hour meeting on Monday grooming the backlog!"

Abuse / big tech / Psyops / Poll 

@dublinux At least so far the surveillance companies haven't got prisons, secret police, or execution squads yet; the worst they can really do is fire you, and if you have any morals you shouldn't be working for them anyway.

Why is this weiner in space? I guess the weiner skin is tough as a spacesuit, so it only needs the bubble helmet for air? But why does the weiner need air?! Aaaugh!

And is Davey Rocket a pilot, or the rocket itself?


Luer made a real rocket (truck): imgur.com/a/G5Xn2

Mark needs catch-up sleep and takes a nap.

Tiny dog does not like this plan, and is too hyper to sleep, but is pretty good about just waiting with occasional chewing or tossing toys.

Every damn Human in the world tries to call but I fooled them, phone's on silent… except the jackholes who call back, which makes it vibrate.

Next time I leave the phone in the office.

@cypnk That's the only positive: The temptation to broadcast messages is removed. It's very dumb to scream our location and chemistry out to hungry aliens.

Warcraft. Warcraft never changes. I just got DC'd by trying to take a zeppelin, which was still a bug in beta 16 years ago.

@Thomas 3rd movie isn't "canon", it's a totally unrelated script that had Die Hard & Willis attached later.

And the daughter may be adopted.


"Trump Has Discussed With Advisers Pardons for His 3 Eldest Children and Giuliani"

So that's basically an admission of guilt of high crimes.

@GeoffWozniak I don't know them, and you'd think I'd know every mid-list and up industrial band of the '90s, given my DJ years.

> During this time, some of the band's songs appeared on television shows, including Melrose Place, Psi Factor, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, and ESPN, among others.[6] In addition, the 1999 Sony PlayStation game Sled Storm featured mix versions of the songs "Sparkle and Shine", "Nowhere Now", and "Surefire (Never Enough)".

Oh god. No wonder I don't.

@GeoffWozniak One of my favorites was Velvet Acid Christ's "Fun With Knives", which is a perfectly good techno album, then 30 minutes of silence, then:

I got Legrand Legacy on Switch's cyber sale. Aesthetics are awesome, it's like Summoner or… Legend of Dragoon but less glowy bits? Gritty world with turn-based, ability-based, quicktime-event combat.

But the story (I hate story) is pissing me off, with fixed fights where you WILL lose, you MUST finish this tutorial, and then the PLOT ABILITY will save you. Fight fair or get unloaded, game.

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