@herag Yeah, I did some Mineclone 2 yesterday as well, and it's like a very limited Minecraft 1.0 (non-beta), which is hey, great, I had that 8 years ago.

At least WhyNot was interesting, if not complete and apparently abandoned.

NPC's dialog script:

hello,name: Greetings, I'm {mob-name}.
job: I get by.
how: Times are tough.
world: The world is ending!
*: What?

\o/ !

They can sorta do commands but I need to get script evaluation in.

Well, after a couple hours and total restarts for new mods, I finally found fields, animals, and got some basic supplies. Only mobs I've seen have been shit-looking zombies and ghosts (who I stayed away from).

If I stayed at it, I could supposedly make a leather backpack, and a bed for safety, and my inventory wouldn't be such a disaster.

I did find a "dungeon" of mossy cobble… but nothing in it.

Not a great experience out of the box.

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I got out, started starving, and found a hillside full of blueberry bushes. Otherwise I'd be dead now, back at that tundra.

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Also my WhyNot world started me in a tundra, no food. Then I got a massive thunderstorm, so now I'm holed up in a cave, almost starving, waiting for day.

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So I'm trying to set up Minetest to be a "better Minecraft". Mineclone 2 works, but I want bags, a bunch of other stuff. Adding mods I want doesn't get all the dependencies, and many don't seem to exist except in the base game? So why don't they work?

WorstBlockGame didn't even launch, it has errors in its lua file.

WhyNot seems OK. Has a lot of stuff, dunno how good it is long-term.

Very much a "Linux of Minecraft" experience, and I don't mean that nicely.

@djsundog I'm appalled they build it to react to being knocked around, like by baseball bats, since that'd be my first solution. But weighted ropes/chains work a treat. Time to make some ninja weapons.

Are you classified as Human? Negative, I am a Meat Popsicle.


Twitter SEC filing:

Twitter said Thursday it aims to have 315 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs)
by the end of 2023 and to at least double its annual revenue in that year.
The announcement was made in an SEC filing.
Twitter’s stock was up more than 5% on Thursday afternoon.

So now you're not even a

@ashfurrow I'm over in the other dimension. Terrorists just turned the sky red, rocks scream when you kick them, and some guy named Walter wants to trade a cow for his son.

@erinbee Oh yeah, sometimes well into March. Mountains. But mostly it's shoe-sucking mud, and then it freezes into mud-ice.

@erinbee Here RL is alternating between snow and grim rain on mud just like AC has been. Maybe by weekend they'll be in sync.

Alcohol boycott! Read if you drink beer 

The Molson company is locking its workers out of the brewery after rejecting their final demands. Do not buy Blue Moon, Carling, Killian's, Granville Island, Hamm's, Hop Valley, Leinenkugel's, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Molson, Urquell, Steel Reserve or Terrapin beers

Also the HorribleSubs translation is much hornier than the Crunchyroll one was. Which is closer to the manga, but it's a little jarring.

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Entirely reasonable. And they don't even have the big store as a literal box on a hill with paved-over approach. Tohru would burn any Wal-Mart down.

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