Did a massive tab cleanup, Window #120 = 18 tabs - Window #128 = 40 tabs - Window #121 = 4 tabs -

Is it even possible to use a browser with just one tab?

@cy Except you don't have to wrap and unwrap every single value with a bunch of weird stuff, you just use it, and test when you actually care if it's there or not.

@danuker @shadowfacts It's not random, it's just empty. If you print it to UI, it's "(null)". If you ask it for a document, you get nil, which does nothing when you display it.

Reality is full of unknown values, and you just say OK and move on.

@cypnk Computers always do what I tell them to, but it is, as usual, Other Peoples' Code that fucks things up.

Well, now I'm done with my work already but I've got like 1/3 pot of coffee left and I shouldn't waste it. But I don't need to be alert, I could go to bed. Except I'm fucking wired and will be even more so if I finish the pot.

@shadowfacts It can't. Almost by definition, static-typing languages explode on things dynamic-typing languages permit and go "sure, whatever, man". Best case is you fill your code with MaybeYesNo(foo?.bar?.baz?.quux?).perhaps(doSomething) chains, worst case is you didn't test this one case and the app crashes on a user.

No type system will ever be less of a pain in the ass than just doing `if (foo) { }` once in a while when you absolutely must have a value.



I've finally got my web games/tech demo site MysticDungeon fully running SSL, a proper Node & database server, and all the existing games ported to my common "Learn2JS" framework. High scores and hit counters work for all of them; I haven't set up a really stable migration tool yet but that's on the TODO list before anything more serious gets stored there.

If you run into any bug

@shadowfacts Sometimes you don't know where a nil came from, and have to backtrack a ways, but it's far far better to have nothing than everything explodes.

That's a large "secret" part of why OS X & iOS is so stable; as more stuff moves into Swift, it'll get more fragile.

@sean I highly recommend the graphic novels; they're much meaner and deeper about what we mean by "superheroes" and how people with powers would behave. The show really softens Homelander, and Billy Butcher and the team are weirder and more competent in the comics.

@danuker All of them, essentially. I've been programming for 40 years…


@data Hobbits are like rabbits, they drop pellets, and sometimes re-eat them for nutrition.

Every language except Objective-C drives me insane with how it treats null/undefined. In Obj-C, any message to nil returns nil (or cast to 0). So foo.bar.baz.quux can never fail or crash, it just returns nil. Test it or just pass the nil along, up to you.

I dunno how people stand to live in these crashy houses of cards where "null" scares them so much, or BDSM torture-languages where every value has to be mathematically proven to be a single type.

@tewha My dog keeps putting a ball under the comfy chair and then screaming at me to get up and get it out. Has not yet learned this gets the ball taken away.

@jggimi @mwlucas Fun fact: Nobody* under 30 has ever headbanged, moshed, or got a piercing with a safety pin and cig lighter from a chick named Spike.

(* statistically)

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