@electricsand No, the Java/Go/Swift/Haskell generic type shit is confusing to everyone. Use a sane (dynamic typing) language like Python, JS, or Scheme, and they don't have that nonsense.

@electricsand Well, you start by making simple things until you've got that down, you don't jump right to building web servers and such.

Make simple text-only interaction programs, then move up when you need more.


Oh, I remembered a dream fragment.

I was a mutant barbarian from radioactive wastelands, which made us strong and weird. So we'd invade this bunker full of civilized people, kill or chase them out and take their bunker. Then get weak and lazy. Then we were attacked by mutant barbarians. Repeat.

One time thru, I'd grown cloven hooves and was huge, but I was using a rifle until it ran out of ammo and I just used it as a club.

The bunker was very simple, and always the same one.

Note: Frank Herbert, H.P. Lovecraft, Greg Benford, Bruce Sterling, John Shirley, and many others came after 14, so I'm not counting those for this list.

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I see people unhappy about their childhood authors being awful, and I don't get it. I grew up reading (picking a cutoff age of 14):

H.Beam Piper, Bob Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Katherine Kurtz, Brian Aldiss, Fred Pohl, Andre Norton, Michael Moorcock, Jack Williamson, Roger Zelazny, Bill Gibson, Pat Cadigan, Zenna Henderson…

I'm hard pressed to think of any author of my yout' whose work I don't still respect. Some of them as people were jerks, but their books stand tall.

@cypnk Space Viking's my favorite, but all of them are great!

@cypnk I grew up reading H. Beam Piper, and his contragravity & hyperdrive systems created spherical fields, so spaceships were spheres up to many kilometers diameter. Since you'd never land a spaceship, seems reasonable.

@goosey It gets really heroic adventure/horror by the 200s. Looong intro of broken civilization.

@craigmaloney 3) Humans are the only animals not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

@Gargron What's funny is the show is so much tamer than the comics, it's almost a PG sitcom in comparison. I call the comics the cure for superheroes: You'll never be able to read "serious" superhero comics again. Highly recommend those instead of the show.

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@thegibson Massively safer than what most people do. If they can't be taught to use 1password, do that.


@thegibson Well, you're more charitable than me, then.

I don't object to Joe much, but 🙄. But the orange shitgibbon, Pence, and Harris are all jackbooted thugs. And I got no love for just about any plutocrat in Senate on either side. Most of the reps are cheap criminals and traitors, but a few are naïve enough to still be useful. My local state inbreeding and religious cult programs have given us a fine crop of inmates running the asylum. Town's being bought up by a religious cult. SNAFU.

Found a good webcomic, about a horrible plague wiping out everything and then TROLLS and MAGIC, but doesn't really get started until here:

It is super hard to find anything non-depressing on streaming.

I'm down to "I'm Thinking of Ending Things", "Deadwind", and so on.

"The Babysitter" looked amusing, but the boy protagonist is a wuss douchebag, which is triggering and unsympathetic.

Again I ask, why aren't there any comedies?

Note I'm willing to find a funny youtube clip, but not willing to do any research.

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There's a lot more, but they're dropping below 1 good one per page, so I'm giving up.

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