@shadowfacts I generally prefer MacPorts. It's much more stable; sometimes stale, but it almost always *works*, and it's easier to manage which packages are installed.

I run this every 2 weeks-ish:

sudo port selfupdate || exit $?
sudo port upgrade -R -c -u outdated || exit $?
sudo port uninstall inactive

BAM. Doing that in brew is a pain.

Excessive has carried me way late into the morning, but I'm hip-deep in a septic tank of a hard feature, and starting to yawn.

♫ Oh! 2025
When we were still alive
Oh! 2025
When we were only simple men
And in the automat!
And that was that
We didn't mess with time
Knock things out of line ♫

@calcifer I'm always impressed she can knock back a whiskey on the rocks every morning. Not even a hot sake, hot toddy, or irish coffee in winter?

(I'm aware the official line is it's ice tea. I don't believe them.)

I've been watching twitch.tv/DKUTeevee play the two Toho Frankenstein movies (weirdly, the second recast the American scientist, but reused the Japanese sidekick actress… with a different character name).

Also Ultra Q, which is fucking fantastic, like Twilight Zone if they weren't afraid to make it weird:

@thegibson Apparently I have a rep for doing the dirty work, I just charge a lot for it. So I get all sorts of noxious calls, and a few fun ones.

@thegibson Every time I get a recruiter call from them, I ask "how can you stand to work for those criminal scum? You know they'll all be in prison in 5 years?" and they stop calling me with that shit.

American Exceptionalism/Phil Collins Genesis 

@thegibson Six flags, but none of them are AMERICAN FLAGS. (OK, one is, but also they have the Confederate traitor and Texas traitor flags)

I used to do basically that scam with Costco, I drove past it to work and was close enough for lunch, so I'd pop in for a round of free samples, $1 hot dog if I was still hungry. Even if I went shopping, I still saved on food.

@schratze My university had a building that was like a prison block without the amenities. The classrooms were inside, no sunlight, the outside was a concrete/cinderblock walkway/ramps, and in winter it was just a frozen ice ramp, the blizzard winds would tear thru.

They tore it down, and I can't find any long-view pictures of the horrible thing.


I often think about The Martian. It's the perfect life: Real problems that need solving, science and math will solve most of them, and there's no management looking over your shoulder.

Really he just needed more poop and a bigger tent to grow potatoes in, and he'd never need to go "home".

Tiring of the confusion, Dr Frankenstein turns himself into a monster using Dr Jekyll's serum, and "Adam" goes to med school and becomes a doctor.

@pepijndevos They're right: I've seen a lot of non-technical people utterly confused by when they should left or right click. It's a power user interaction. You want it, you know how to find a system preference and turn on the 15 different interactions you can do with the current Magic Mouse. If not, point and click is good enough for basic interactions.

@pepijndevos That's the Puck Mouse.

It does have right-click, as all Apple mice have since the original Lisa mouse: Ctrl-click. The later mice put two or more force-sensitive sensors under the hood so you don't need two hands to right-click, but it's always been there, and it's heavily used in the UI.

♫ Waiting for Wednesday
My stomach doesn't hurt enough
Pain always is the sign
Waiting for Wednesday
No proof of mine exists
So l don't have to take it back ♫

@craigmaloney But I also have a big electronic book just like the portable "clipboards" in Star Trek, and a giant screen with nice keyboard. It all came true.

Sadly we also got The Net of a Million Lies.

@kensanata @tomasino @dozens I made this aesthetic bit:

I was planning on doing some kind of hypertext adventure thing, but never did it there.

@izaya @aety We've seen the inside of the supply ships, but only a few internals of the station.

Tianhe's only one module, and smaller than the ISS modules, so I suspect they just don't want to show taikonaut spam-in-a-can, especially if this is a long-stay mission.

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