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What I'm Playing: Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (Saga RS)

SaGa official site

Yet another gachapon game based on a classic GameBoy and later Square Enix franchise (SaGa Frontier, etc). To a large extent, this is as basic, standard, zero innovation of a gacha phone game as I've ever seen.

The characters are very pretty, there's some great character art, and then it goes into 1

Aw, we're not gonna have permanently empty Microsoft Stores to go into to swirl around in anymore. Used to be if you were in a crowded mall (a thing we actually did in the distant past of 2019! … Or 1999, anyway), where could you go to have some quiet time and wide open spaces? Microsoft! Nobody was ever in there! The crew weren't paid on commission so they'd leave you alone once you said you weren't buying an Xbone.

"Here we propose a framework for preemptively identifying unintended harms of risk countermeasures in cybersecurity.The framework identifies a series of unintended harms which go beyond technology alone, to consider the cyberphysical and sociotechnical space: displacement, insecure norms, additional costs, misuse, misclassification, amplification, and disruption."
/via Schneier

My genitals can't breathe as easily when I wear pants, but I still wear them at the grocery store. Because seeing them unmasked would upset you as much as seeing you unmasked upsets me.

covid, shopping 

Went shopping to the horrible KKK-founded invasive kudzu-like store, and everyone was professionally wearing masks, the "greeter" now wipes down carts with bleach, everyone keeps distance, aisles are one-way.

So much fucking better than the liberal hippie commune store where almost nobody wears a mask.

What I'm Watching: Adventure Time: Distant Lands: BMO

Available on the HoboMax.

BMO, especially delusional BMO being a hero, is generally my favorite character of AT, even tho I skip all those awful Grables eps. So I was looking forward to this. Not happy about the result.

No way to talk about this without spoilers:

BMO and their potatoes are going to Mars. But then they're re

Added a new mini-adventure to my Mystic Dungeon site:

Current adventure's just there to test the Atari 8-bit-like console, but if you send me your screenshot with maximum score, I'll be impressed!

Every fucking web site

Aw. Was just reminded of Unix Review, which was a fantastic publication. Much of it seems to be on wayback machine:

Strangled to death by the usual shitty magazine conglomerate.

I wonder if there is a correlation between the side someone takes in "tabs vs. spaces" and the side they take in "dynamic linking vs. static linking." The results of the following poll ought to give some answer. Boost if you're curious to get an accurate answer.

Which pair of sides are you on? If you don't feel strongly about one of the wars, just go with what you're leaning toward.

Felt like writing a ranty blog post, but I've already done the topic before, I already know I'm on the right side of history, and it won't convince scared people clinging to obsolete ideas.

Just write code and blow off anyone who doesn't like it.

Doom Patrol's casting confuses me, because they got Brendan Fraser to dub Robotman's voice and play his flashbacks, but he plays him like Will Farrell in Talladega Nights, and they look alike now.

Hit play on a "web dev" video.
"WWW came out, I was 7." — fetuses have opinions, huh?

"Image slicing, Photoshop had tools for this!" — still does, that's how every graphic designer communicates.

"Tables aren't meant for layout"
Stop. Close tab.

Anyone who says that, yet uses the web for anything except scientific papers in strict hierarchical layout, is a wanker who will have nothing at all of value to tell you about web dev.

Doom Patrol's weird. They've been in the house for 30-60 years? The comic, as soon as they could walk the Chief sent them out on missions.

"The world's most renowned fictional lawyer is back on the case in this exciting HBO series that tells the origin story of master criminal defense attorney Perry Mason. Set in 1932 Los Angeles, this edgy, noirish update puts a new spin on the iconic character with Mason (Matthew Rhys) as a low-rent private investigator who digs into a controversial and politically loaded case."

WTF? Perry in the show & books is a square. That's why he has assistants who aren't squares to do his dirty work.

"Sawyer X" (like Racer X, but for wood, and far less cool) makes a big deal of them finally closing GH #339, a 21-year-old bug.
They just closed it WONTFIX, didn't even try to repro.

I'm not invested in the guts of their system, but seems to me just detecting "you're screwing with envp, redirect to C putenv" would fix everything.

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