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All of a sudden, every person heard a voice in their head.
"Thank you, humanity. The experiment is now complete. Do you wish to continue?"
I guess enough of us said yes.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

What I'm Watching: I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Michelle McNamara, Patton Oswalt's late wife, was a crime podcaster/writer. The one she wrote about was the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (rather overly functionally named: EAR/ONS). Much of this is framed in interviews with Patton in the few years since her death (prescription drug overdose), and it's certainly awkward watching him, no

pet, mighty hunter 

Tiny Dog just caught & killed another mouse. Managed to distract her with a treat and scoop the corpse in a box & throw that out, so she won't be pooping up mousey skulls & fur all week. So much green space for them to breed in outside.

Good news, everybody!

Lovecraft Country starts in 3 weeks. I'm not thrilled that JJ Abrams is involved and made a bunch of overdramatic CGI cartoon visuals, but hopefully Jordan Peele doing "a black man comes to Innsmouth" will balance that out.

"Help! Help!"
"Don't worry, this is New York, no one will help her." —Vampirella

So it is true, East Coast had their Ding Dongs [snicker] renamed Big Wheels (some conflict with a local brand), and had a Native American mascot.

In some ways that's much better, at least the people who discovered cocoa get represented by a chocolate snack. Ain't no Eurotrash kings discover chocolate.

Made my little before-bed hack usable:

% cat test/hello.b

% bin/brun test/hello.b
Hello, BRun!


Alternately: "I wrote a program that does nothing but emits errors if you give wrong input."

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While waiting for ESO to come up from maintenance, which turns out isn't gonna happen until fucking noon EST or later, I started writing a little bytecode VM in C.

Right now I can write a text file full of 32-bit ints (considered 16-bit, but 32-bit makes it more expandable) and they get parsed and blow up on anything but 0 NOP.

Obviously will write the compiler in Scheme, but C VM means I can hook up native libraries easy…

Mark grunts out long over-analytical review of Crag's old paintings, prefers them to new "appropriate" paintings, but warns they not for everyone. Four stars, which are campfires of dead people in sky cave.

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"We live in a sensitive time. People experience a whole range of emotions nowadays, not just Fear of Lightning. Fear of Lightning is obviously still the core of our emotional tapestry, but we’re evolving."

This is an evil generation, I seen it with my eyes
I seen 'em walking around in their suits, and honey, I seen the ties
Evil girls biting good girls, turning good girls into evil girls
Evil boys eating evil hamburgers, evil boys eating evil fries

I like that the OS X/iOS unification is correctly mapped to this year, but there's a lot more [DOS, but ironically] already.

What I'm Watching: The Old Guard

A 'flix adaptation of a Greg Rucka comic; I haven't read this one, but his series Lazarus and Queen & Country are also headed to adaptations. I'm more interested in Lazarus, post-apocalypse feudal lords with engineered female super-soldiers. Greg's got a similar "type" to mine, and buff women is it.

I'm not going to spoil this much, but I need to talk about the first sc

Authors: If your books aren't legally available, there's another option easily available, the other meaning of TPB; pretending it doesn't exist isn't going to make it go away. Keep your fucking books in print!

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