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comic, nsfw (why are you at work on Sunday?) 

Well, it's 1000 pleasures in binary.

Huh, what do you know, that scaremongering article about Apple's OCSP implementation sending application hashs was inaccurate πŸ™ƒ

Neither does it seem to send the ISP, city or state, by the way.

I wonder if there's a Sandwiches in Movies tumblr.

I mean, there's a Power Lines in Anime tumblr, which I sub to and find oddly enjoyable.

There's some other guy doing every change of clothes in Bob Newhart's shows, which I find intolerably boring so I actively block "newhart" in all feeds to stop reblogs, even tho I adored the "I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl" show.

There was a Computers in Law & Order blog done for a Master's thesis.

Best yet:

I dumped 15 sticks on the walkway behind my mountain area, and perfect cleanness of the village since. Can still shake trees for sticks if I need any in addition to the near 1000 I must have in the house.

Exciting adventures in boot shopping continue.

Old nice boots were Timberland side-zip buckled steel-toe, long discontinued when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. That nearly pushed me to get them repaired at any cost.

THEN, I found Timberland Mt Maddsen Hiker at a nice discount (but not "cheap"), so I hit [BUY CONSUME THIS IS YOUR GOD] as one does. Reviews are "warm and dry", which is a convincing argument.

Gotta make it 3-5 days in emergency backup running shoes.

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Related to @Thomas 's poll:

AHS: 1984, the lunch lady makes a PBJ with a knife… and spreads jam on top of the peanut butter, NOT on the opposite side bread. The customer cuts it in half with his knife.

Oh god, American Horror Story summer camp. Starts with the lamest 3-way ever, but happily gets resolved before we have to see what they think "sex" is, given past seasons.

Trying too hard imitation '80s style. Yes, lots of pink and blue, but only cokeheads were that skinny (and these don't have the wasted face), nobody was that obviously on steroids except weightlifters, that's a '90s thing. Frosted hair was for old people; punks went all the way.

so very scary 

Scariest Halloween costume ever:

Show up to a door, "everyone on this boat is already dead!", you'll get a full-size candy and a fifth of whisky.

(yeah, 11.5 months early. Every day is Halloween to me)

Cruel but mostly true.

"Noone's coded their own Perl since 1742 when the first Perl was written, just to do some spam."

Back in the day I did do a fair amount of Perl, but I changed to Python and then better languages. The last person I knew who actually coded Perl is now deceased and well missed; I'm not saying the Perl got him, but… We should all be donating to a Perl Institute charity that tries to find a cure.

Hrmn. My very old nice boots are really wearing out, especially on wet/icy ground, no good. I have newer cheap boots, but they're in even worse state. Vimes Boots Theory only carries you so far, and then you have to buy new boots.

Non-hyperbolic and useful solutions to problems are generally better:

I don't use Catalina, so I got 99 problems but trustd ain't one, but verifying certs is a valid anti-virus technology; just keep the /etc/hosts line commented out until/unless things break again.

Writing a tech article?

Calling on such authorities as stallman, the creepiest motherfucker in tech, and doctorow, a B-list fantasy author, doesn't *at all* help your argument.

Books, like nerds, are monsters which must live in a dry, lightless tomb, emerging only when their bestial nature drives them to the surface to slay the living with melee attacks.

Not infrequently, I run across posts or usually Medium screeds that can only be read with this background music:

(latest: "manic pixie character in a videogame is based on MEEEEEEeeee because I had two dates with a programmer")

What I'm Watching: The Dead Don't Die

Welcome to Centerville
A Real Nice Place
Pop 738

Not for long.

Directed by Jim Jarmusch, starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Danny Glover, Tilda Swinton, ChloΓ« Sevigny, Steve Buscemi*, Iggy Pop and Sara Driver (no relation) as the coffee zombies, and Tom Waits as a beardy hermit/psychopomp/Monty Python's "It's!" man.

Sturgill Simpson's "The Dead Don't Die

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