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Elder Scrolls is Offline on the Apple Silicon Mac

Matt Firor of ZOS tells Apple Silicon Mac users to fuck off

You'd think that with unlimited Microsoft money, ZOS could hire one Mac developer and buy a couple Macs mini M1 to build & test on.

Or as posted, they could just carry on as they have been: They haven't had any Mac developers in years, certainly never test

A new update is available!
And unlike most software, I'm actually happy about that!

When Disney bought Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox, they neglected to do something: pay royalties on contracted works as part of the sale.

"Disney’s argument is that they have purchased the rights but not the obligations of the contract. In other words, they believe they have the right to publish work, but are not obligated to pay the writer no matter what the contract says."

#Disney #Royalties #Contracts #Authors #Writers

Anandtech benchmarks the Mac mini M1:

I'd like better GPU performance, but this is again their lowest-end device and it did OK. It's doing ridiculously well at everything else.

Really kind of a bleak landscape. I'd love to have Editorial on the Mac, but that's not happening, I'd be impressed if he ever updates it on iOS again.

ByWord seems OK, but really doesn't offer anything over any other text editor. Cheap, tho, $11 Mac + $6 iOS.

iA Writer is much more advanced, has file inclusion so you can outline. But geez, $30 Mac + $30 iPhone (and has Android, Windows… which I'd never use).

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I decided my ennui with writing (and not just opening my RPG in Pages, staring at it, maybe adjust some layout… close) is a tool problem (even tho Pages works fine for layout & sorta fine for editing). So clearly I should go pen shopping^W find another word processor.

Ulysses is a subscription, fuck no. And is it named after the wanker novel, or the Tennyson poem I love, or Gen. Grant, or…? Probably the wanker novel.

WriteRoom is still awesome and minimal. Hasn't been updated in like 5 years.



I just peeled an "Inspected by #5" sticker off my body. Am… am I a robot just placed here? How long has it been? What happens to the rejected instantiations?

Possibly it came off my new shirt. That's a comforting story I'll tell myself.

What the fuck, M1 again.
The new bottom-of-the-line M1 Macs unzip Xcode (a stupidly long process in case you haven't had the "pleasure") in half the time of a FUCKING MAC PRO.

Videogames and Storytelling Mix like Water and Sodium

At best you get tears & corrosive salt water, at worst you get a sodium explosion.

My philosophy of games:

Games are about environment and gameplay only.
Graphics don't matter much, as long as they communicate.
Character and story are what you bring to it, they should not be part of the game.

So, I just drop

Yes, this was aired Nov 17, 1978.

I feel bad for Lumpy. Not only can he not ever live up to his father, who didn't even get a medal, but he's also accurately named "Lumpy".

"Quick, Lumpy, jump to hyperspace… Oh, you can't jump a stair, you're lumpy. Go back to watching TV."

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2021 predictions 

These are entirely too plausible.
> a popular user is murdered and the person who kills them assumes control of their blog to try and cover up the murder, then them blocking all of the person’s former mutuals to avoid being contacted causing a whole slew of drama
> people learn kamala harris follows jk rowling on twitter and the final trumpet sounds as the gates of hell open unleashing untold horrors onto the world

Oh, sure, it scares off the bears.

But now they need to make a robot lion to chase off the robot wolves.

And then robot Ultraman to chase off the robot lions…

"Well, listeners, we are free to die once again!
Death is scary, painful, and permanent, but
it is our right as Americans.
I for one am glad it has been returned to us."
β€”Welcome to Night Vale #178

Best day yet:
Flick came by, I just sold my stacks of bugs for 200K bells.

It's maple leaf season, catching those (like the sakura leaves in spring) is slightly hard but I like new resources.

Finally chopped enough trees to get the golden axe recipe!

Amusing nonsense on , the kind of community you're not going to find anywhere else.

(No, I'm not a member. Merovingian cults are an obvious fraud.)

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