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Accidentally clicked on a non-Yahtzee Escapist youtube, and it's Jack (bald skinny boring dude) from Red Letter, and some FPS gamer choad.

Won't be doing that again, gamer choad's opinions were worthless and Jack's not capable of carrying a dialogue by himself.

This has been your shitty Internet media report for Sunday.

Go outside. Everything is white, except the mud, exactly like light mode. Come in back to dark mode. Can't see anything from the glare.

NSFW, comics, Elder Scrolls, horrible abominations of nature 

This is just, like, half the Shadowfen* quests in Elder Scrolls Online.

* Shadowfen was the most unpopular zone, until Murkmire was added which is half the size but twice as full of titsnakes, and now they're making another damned swamp full of lizards. Pervy goddamned lizard-fuckers at ZOS/Bethesda.

It is cold and gloomy and dark, and the bastard groundhog doomed us to an extra eternity of winter.

So of course I'm watching The Head on hobomax, about people going crazy in Antarctic winter.

After debugging bad parsing for 10 minutes, I'm making a new rule: Only car, cdr, cadr, caddr are allowed of c[ad]+r, anything else instead uses list-ref, drop, take (from SRFI-1).

And I considered replacing cad*r with first, second, etc. but that's just being twee instead of pretentious.

You know what grinds my gears? Fucking Youtube login is on Google, so I can't block 3rd-party cookies and keep logins there. That is why I run Firefox as my sacrificial YT browser, but even that creeps me the fuck out.

Now I can move and handle events.
Time to get coffee so I can think about the harder parts.

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I was dozing off nearly asleep in my chair. Then I got . Now I'm looking thru sprite sets to try to make a new minigame.

That's the Power of Coffee™.

The floppy-disk sticker, btw, does not indicate any digital contents. It refers to the paper booklet. I guess that's better than finding a 320x200 QT .MOV file and .HTM files formatted for a 640x480 IE browser.

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I have a lot of complaints about modern tech, but that took <8 minutes including trying to get the CD out of the holder, which I don't do very often anymore. But then had to fuck around with cover art, because that wasn't standardized back in the 1980s when CD was invented.

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Nice, ordered on Wednesday, got it today, is now ripping (had to plug CD/DVD drive into computer):

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