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For like the last 15 years, the only reason to ever visit Macworld[sic] was the Macalope's humor articles, and they've fallen off to maybe one a year?

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Portrait of the typical Mac user:

Self very much included, temporarily minus the mansion & yacht but you know I deserve them.

But what I want to complain about is the capitalization, "Macworld", not "MacWorld" like any sane thing would have. And for a while Macworld owned MacUser, which at least made sense and was a better magazine. Now Macworld[sic] isn't even that, it's a spam site which rarely posts even a thin pretense of a Mac-related article.

What happens when Microsoft gets into dunning-krugerrands? Mass environmental destruction, integrated into Office.

Get all your tabs off your phone's browser and either read or close them challenge 2021

Speaking of, I've made no real progress using uemacs (Linus' fork) as my terminal editor. Even tho I was conditioned as a yout' by micro-emacs, and type a lot of emacs keys in BBEdit and Mac text areas, I don't seem to enjoy using the uemacs model for editing now. 30 years of vi taught me "terminal = modal, GUI = emacs-like but not emacs".

Funniest thing in tech: Emacs doesn't work on Mac because it uses a Ruby program as a wrapper.

Yes, you have an ancient binary with its own scripting language that takes 800 MB RAM, so you should totally start it from the slowest, most bloated interpreter on the system.

Nice little set (I need to do a wall-curve filter, not just use the one box). Might scale it up more so it's chunky like an NES game.

Wrote a few lines of game design and setting, which is sufficient, right?

Might be ridiculously optimistic to think I could ship by Halloween, tho. The first Haunted Halloween game in JS took 2 months and was barely up in time. But Scheme's easier, right?

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Only 5% of you chose correctly: The most powerful warrior is Fruit Brute, rarely seen since 1974 but always lurking in the shadows.

20% chose Franken-Berry, which is a stitched-together fruit-flavored corpse. No.

10% chose Boo-Berry, which is an insubstantial ghost which makes your farts smell like blueberry (and colored your shit blue back in the day!) Does not compete with Beetlejuice.

65% chose Count Chocula, and vampires *are* powerful, but sadly he's a coward and has scurvy; no fruit.

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Went outside and the atmosphere's too cold, thin, and dry for life.

♫ Snakes
Are coming to your town
In tunnels underground
Some traveling overground
A plague for our mistakes ♫

So he puts on a pot of coffee and calls up his butcher friend and man, he sure Did The Thing.

Now it's kinda hard to properly percentage a claw game with an Actual Claw 'cause the steel claws are smooth so the prize slips out an' this new modification is a little rougher and more knobblesome, so we're treatin' this as a kinda "Every quarter's a winner" sorta game

Got it full o' hotdogs of course.

Every now an' then someone fails the grab a dawg and we have a good laugh

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Me: <has a bunch of games in progress>
Vexed: New asset pack!
Me: OOH! I got ideas for a more deathmarchy game… <buys>

The Sun's going to irradiate us off the planet tonight! Hooray!
… we'll probably just get an aurora and maybe some satellite errors.

Finish Your Damn RPG Jam

Look, I could totally finish my pulp game… but I wanna read some more pulps and write another world book.

Or my fairy tale game, but what if I'm not feeling fairy-ish?

Or 15 other games, which do I choose?!

(Summer! I choose Summer.)

I want this mirror Universe's Foundation. Except I already have it, it's called "books". I don't really see the need.

Same reason I'm not super-concerned about DUNE (2021), because I've already read Dune (1965) and all Herbert's sequels (but not the bastard son's), and seen Dune (1984) and Dune (2000) and Super-Babies of Dune (2003) which are passable but not needed if you can read. Wake me if anyone ever makes a God-Emperor movie.

The art's wonky*, the story is exposition and awkward conversations even software-augmented Humans wouldn't have… but occasionally it does this.

* what is going on with her 4 sausage-fingers and no thumbs in this frame?!

Also, I got these new friends at the store.

They just had 4 half-size rolls of Smarties inside, but the tins are really nice.


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