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Mr Hand: So it seems you discovered your unpleasant nature.
John Murdoch: Who are you?
Mr Hand: We might ask the same question, yes? Sleep... now.

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Mark: Having a nice little drink.
Tiny Dog: <screaming at the dark living room>
Mark: <looks> No, I've seen this movie. Just stop screaming and it won't kill us.

What I'm Watching: Cowboy Bebop

Both versions, on the 'flix.

The live-action one looks good, and visually the actors are close enough to the anime I don't mind much. Spike (John Cho) is cool, but stiff, and his kung fu is clearly done in CGI on a ragdoll in many scenes. Jet (Mustafa Shakir) is much better, occasionally rises to actually funny. Faye (Daniella Pineda) has a cameo and she's

So yeah, starting Cowboy Bebop. The is probably exactly as annoying as the anime, but I've grown more tolerant of it as my hearing ages. Someday I'll be totally deaf and it won't bug me at all.

The ship looks good. Nice analog switches and crappy machines that don't work without thumping.

Some of Spike's kung fu doesn't really make sense IRL, they've very obviously had to fling a ragdoll around in CGI. The acting all around is very stiff, but Shakir comes thru with the funny sometimes.

I really like how RaspberryPi has made the annoyance of running and fucking around in config files and incompatible updates, available for such a cheap price. Everyone can learn the suffering that is Linux!

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Uh oh. Updated my raspi to deal with screensaver not doing power management. Still doesn't. And now chromium crashes when I go to youtube, which is like 90% of its existence.

Guess I'll be nuking it for something else soon.

WHEW. That first hit of heavy caffeine and heat, I always sweat up and have to take off my shirt. HTF does Cooper stay in a trenchcoat all the time?

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Youtube turned off thumbs down?! Finally I can start my youtube channel!

โ™ซ He said in the cosmos is a single sonic sound
That is vibrating constantly
And if we could grip and hold on to the note
We would see our minds were free, oh they're free โ™ซ

If you give a programmer a programming task, they'll probably want a CI environment, so they can test their code.

If you give them a CI environment, then you'll probably find you need an e-mail server to send notifications.

If you set up an e-mail server, then you'll probably find you need DNS, to direct the mail with an MX record.

If you set up a DNS server, then you'll probably find you need to keep the DNS configuration under version control.

If you set up a git repository, then...

Today's other clusterfuck is Streamlabs getting dogpiled for daring to use open source software in their business.

Lesson learned: Don't use OSS.

โ™ซ Sixteen and on the run from home
Found a job in Times Square
Working live S&M shows
Twenty-five bucks a fuck
And John's a happy man
She wipes the filth away
And is back on the streets again โ™ซ

I miss the old filthy Times Square. Only went there a couple times in the '90s, was already getting corporate whitewashed.

But it was real, not a plastic/neon faรงade.

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