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At enormous exertion moving it, and even fucking worse trying to plug in a PS3 HDMI cable which is barely standard, I now have a 60" TV. So of course I put on Heavy Metal DVD that looks only a little sharper than VHS anyway. Fuck yeah!

And say what you will about Elon Musk, he put a car and spaceman into deep space just like the movie. No Shuttles for it to eject from. Also AFAIK no Lok-Nar.

Baffled by a shipping mail from bandcamp. When did I buy something physical?

Woo, Anamanaguchi's Summer Singles shipped "early" (6 months late, instead of a year late)

> 1.3. Staring at the code
> Regardless of the kind of failure, the first and most effective step is to look at the code. Try to understand exactly what it does for the input that exhibits the failure. Think mechanically about the program---like the computer does, trying not to let assumptions based on intended behavior prevent you from seeing what it actually does. Trace through the program in your mind or on paper for the input that causes the failure.

Oooh, almost all the Slayers novels are in English now:
and they're doing audiobooks with the English dub* voice actress:

* Normally I'm all sub, no dub, but Slayers does have a good English cast, I've watched it once thru that way.

Freefall lately
is giving me a real "Down & Out in Ellfive Prime" vibe
(one of the greatest OMNI stories, check that Vincent DiFate art)

I'm partway thru Redemption Ark, and I just realized, Mother Nest is impossible.

It's a hollowed-out comet, plastic shell on the outside so it looks "natural", interior hollowed out for a vast secret hive of Conjoiners.

Where does the heat go? The surface should melt, the interior's gotta be generating gigawatts of heat just from people & biosphere, let alone machinery.

First time in a long time I've caught Reynolds cheating/not thinking thru his mechanics.

♫ Love has no meaning, not where they come from
But we know pleasure is not that simple
Very little fruit is forbidden
Sometimes we wobble, sometimes we're strong
But you know evil is an exact science
Being carefully correctly wrong ♫

The new Dr Who really gets the old vibe back.

(the old vibe was constantly killing off companions. RIP Adric.)

sudo apt install chromium
(removes chromium-browser)
Fixed my youstubes problem.

Others having the same problem:

Still gonna try some more OSs on it soon, but at least my immediate pain in the ass is solved.

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I can follow most of the math, but would have to brush up on calculus (which I hated, and has had zero applications in my work to date) to write/check it myself.

But Greg writes all his other math papers so he can fill in a few numbers in his stories. So I'm guessing he's writing a real-space story again?

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Dreamed the world had been overrun by kaiju. If you were quiet, you could survive, most were dead now.

A giant unfriendly butterfly had "little" 50cm-wide butterfly scouts, I had to keep killing those and moving away. Basement area was owned by humanoid mutants.

I was content, but really missed cooked foods, of all the Human era things.

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