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Me: empty trash
Trash: โ€ฆ 345 โ€ฆย 1087 โ€ฆย 1400 files
Me: What was in there?! Waiโ€ฆ
Trash: Empty.

OK, now I remember I threw out a bunch ofโ€ฆ packing foamโ€ฆ there were like 7 extra files shipped with each of the files I wanted.

I've been very productive today. I collected all my missing antiquities from several more zones in ESO. Probably about 10 zones to go? I need to make a checklist.

I made iced lemonade. It's nice and tart. Too much hot drinks screw up my temperature sense I think. And pan-fried some chicken
for lunch.

I read some more comics. Lord Rimiru the slime just conquered the ogres!

"work?" I dunno about that shit, I just live here.

Stuff I miss on any non-Mac: Filesystem events.

Dumb temp files are visible in pcmanfm (lxde's standard file app; no I'm not replacing either until I replace the entire OS on my side terminal). I try to delete them. Fails. Terminal, ls, no, they don't exist. Back to pcmanfm, F5, and they vanishโ€ฆ because it can't detect any changes in the fs and update itself. OMG, that's terrible.

I think even Windows has some kind of half-assed fs events now.

New kind of software: Release is version 99. Every update reduces it by d6 bottles of beer^W^W^W versions and features. When it hits 0 or less, it has no features left and you delete it. Software isn't good to keep developing, it metastasizes.

That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Computer Programmer.

Unable to sense anything but the keyboard, I forced myself to graze on chips and a lake of sodas, and write networking and database code.

(been reading the Slime manga; I like it more than the anime, you get time to look at the art and Rimiru's voice in my head is far less annoying than the one in the show.)

Real talk time:
If you have beliefs, that's no skin off my back. You wanna worship , or think Linus Torvalds made an "operating system", or Google isn't spying on you, you do what makes you happy.

You preach that shit at me, different story. Involving me pointing a shotgun in your direction and telling you to "git" off my land.

If your delusional beliefs cause harm, like you don't need a vaccine during a plague, also different story, and this time it's a flamethrower.

We should have something like veganism but for media where you only consume fan fiction and avoid media by Disnep`, warner and universal

Indian shapeshifter episode, the Rez sheriff is Michael Horse, Hawk from Twin Peaks!

But it's basically just An American Werewolf on the Rez, not a skinwalker or anything else interesting. Laaaaaaame resolution to a good premise.

Also, never interrupt a furry when they're changing in the bathroom.

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Hey, nice, archive has Deities & Demigods with Cthulhu & Melnibonean mythos! Not a great scan, but if you don't have a copy it's better than nothing.

> No mathematical theorem, no enjoyable novel, no work of art of any importance, have ever been produced by a herd. I fail to see why innovative software ought to play by a different set of rules.

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> Consider Linux: the poster child of successful free software. It is a knockoff of a 1970s operating system well past its sell-by date. This is because a herd simply cannot innovate, whether for fun or for profit. Every innovative work of mankind has been the product of one - sometimes two, rarely three - minds. And never the work of a herd.

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> I predict that no tool of any kind which too greatly amplifies the productivity of an individual will ever be permitted to most developers. In this they shall follow in the maximally deskilled assembly-line footsteps of their grandparents. "They'll time your every breath." As for the "free software" world, it eagerly opposes industrial dogmas in rhetoric but not at all in practice. No concept shunned by cube farm hells has ever gained real traction among the amateur masses.

On the one hand, it would really suck to be using console vs PC mouse/keyboard. On the other hand, the console online community is so toxic and abusive, I can only imagine them drowning in hot tears of rage, and it makes me happy.

One of the I watched last night, Scully's pen is bugged, Mulder's apartment is bugged. Little dongle on his power plug (shot o' penicillin will fix thatโ€ฆ)

But now, there's no escape. Every Internet of Spyware Things you "own" (but not really, read your TOS ha ha as if anyone does that) is spying on you, all the time. If you have electronics, they're infected. Your computers all listen all the time.

In case you've never seen Psalty, it's the "Kids Praise" video series.

NSFW. NSF anyone, anywhere. If there was a merciful god He would kill us all before allowing us to see this filth. Psalty proves atheism, checkmate christians.

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I'm making it thru this cryptoland presentation

and it's like having a stroke while watching really shitty christian CGI cartoons. The big talking coin is actually worse than Psalty the talking child-molesting psalm book.

โ™ซ crypto is in my chromosomes โ™ซ the Chinese ripoff Mii-looking guy sings. That might be the most horrific idea ever. DNAcoin. Your genetic makeup changes whenever some asshole burns another graphics card on a mountain of coal, and you turn into crypto.

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When crypto crypto bros just say "crypto" over and over, it sounds like the "what" aliens:

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