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I need to look up a vector function. Don't feel like opening a PDF & searching. DDG has a bang for SRFI by number.

!srfi 99
No, that's records (and it's somewhat fucked up compared to real R6RS records, hell, fields are default mutable in it!!!WTFBBQ!!!)

!srfi 69
NICE! No, that's hashtables. Nice.
!srfi 13
No, that's strings.
WTF is vectors
!srfi 43
Finally! It's not even The Answer!

(42 is Eager Comprehensions, which are fairly uninteresting)

Despite rumors, I *do* know it's not the '80s anymore. It's 1990, and I will hear no contrary evidence.

> A novice was trying to fix a broken Lisp machine by turning the power off and on.
> Knight, seeing what the student was doing, spoke sternly: "You cannot fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong."
> Knight turned the machine off and on.
> The machine worked.

Sure, horrific repressive imagery is great for selling… a vocabulary game?

/bcc @OCRbot

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Took the #Atari XE to work today and it was a big hit. I wrote this little #BASIC program and then told my coworkers "You've got mail in the lounge" and left this program running.

Also I'm listening to this PZA album PZA, and the cover art makes me need food.

I feel like I'm having a stroke reading the title of this game.

Atari 8-bits had a neat trick, they used only left track of the cassette for program, you could put mono audio on the right track, and play it along the program load, or keep programmatically playing & pausing it.

I only knew of a couple educational tapes that used it, amazing to see a game I never heard of (or had a stroke and forgot it then, too)

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Also in "news", Current Events newsletter/magazine is at

I just leeched all the issues up to 1989, figure 1990+ isn't likely to have much 8-bit content, and/or be kinda depressing watching Atari die.

Listening to more old Antic podcasts, and Savetz sees a kickstarter "OH NO they have a Commodore on the cover I'm out. <background waah> This terrible computer has made a child cry."

Which is exactly how I feel. How do people do that?

Also I want a 5-episode Netflix series about the best Jack the Ripper theory.

I want a remastered Titan A.E. that's only animation, or all modernized CGI, because it's a perfect film marred by being impossible to look at with Human eyes.

Finally doing some of my follow-backs. Don't judge me, I'm super lazy and inattentive.

The problem with hard but tedious tasks is I get bored and want to jump back to the fun (sometimes also hard) part of making games, not the dumb part of wiring up infrastructure. So I quit and play other videogames.

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Another day of sendmail debugging. I regret *literally everything* ever, maybe I should just tear this out and… uh, games don't need scoreboards or save files, right? …
… Well, fuck. Back to it.

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