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♫ Steal it and live
and fuck it and kill
scam it and profits
and kill kill kill! ♫

"I don't read docs/source, I just search stackoverflow"


Anyone who relies on the ignorance of crowds instead of actual docs & source by the authors of a system, deserves all the fucking over they give themselves.

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I want a Dark Dungeons coven master screen.

As you know, the italic *have* indicates that suicide after character death is an optional rule.

Also, Marcie had sweet posters (Brom's Death Dealer? Or D&D's ripoff Warduke?) & minis, and is that a plush dragon or giant mini?

You can tell a fucking moron answers to his actual problems (but not the irrelevant questions he asks), give him a book to read, and he'll still be a fucking moron forever.

*plonk* (not here, but over there.)

SHODAN from System Shock, but it's a copy of Mavis Beacon that became sentient.

I just walked past the back door, and like 20 little sparrows took off from the back "garden" (not a garden) and up to the trees.
"Birdies!" — Mark, age 3 apparently

It should be possible to easily change the "real name" or some other caption, so I can update my shitposting levels hour by hour, from like 25% to 100%. (I'm never not shitposting a little bit)

1 Million Dollars in Corpses

Of course, corpses weren't worth as much in 1938. Today that's like 10 corpses. Actually, I see one high-ball estimate of $45M for all parts fully harvested, but I'm dubious you'd get even 1% of that on the open market, so 2 corpses per million?


FINALLY, Texas Republicans have a party platform agenda I can agree with, and I think would only make the United States of America stronger.

> Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto.

AMEN, Hallelujah, that's what I've been saying, secede Texas and at least half our national nightmare goes away. We'd still have fucking Florida, but they'll drown soon.

In lighter news, I finally got my shitbird archive. There's dozens of files, mostly ad surveillance shit, and then tweets.js which is all I wanted. Now I can reasonably consider deleting shitbird forever, it's just been getting reposts from my blog for years now.

Actually seems to have worked out, at least initially. But some *spectacularly bad* shit is gonna happen over the next day unless registrars are less incompetent than they used to be.

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Fuck. Sysadmin shit. I'm sure to fuck something up and cause massive problems for the next few days.

New impl benchmarks!

Speed isn't everything, but it's high on the list of reasons to use Scheme at all. I still like Gauche for scripting because it's so portable.

Chibi, the "standards compliant" one, is laughably slow. Sub Python slow. Get out and push slow.


I'm really excited by this live-action recreation of the election arc from Transmetropolitan, but uh, that's a hell of a lot of cosplayers.

I'm being informed these fuckers are real. This is something called "Texas". I'm so sorry.

I clicked thru my link to Initial Command, and it's a totally different album than I own. So I looked at Bandcamp to see what they have, and it's the original. Turns out the '90s reissue of that has a random track order and some songs missing/labelled wrong.

Trust no label or distributor.

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