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Ugh. I barely slept. Noises woke me. Now I can't sleep and I'm too cranky to do anything.

The mess of my drive.
Top left is movies. Top right is fucking Guild Wars 2 (one giant binary!) and The Sims 4. Gonna move those both off to external drive. The little pink shit below those is ESO, which has never heard of archive files for drive efficiency.

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> Why don’t home security cameras ever capture Santa? Because we hacked them all with the looped cam footage sequence from β€œSpeed.” Seriously, you’ve never wondered why Sandra Bullock is driving a bus in your living room?

I ran out for the best present ever… and no, it was just a VHS playing Speed in front of my webcam.

Santa (and the Elves and Krampus?) might be immune, but still a carrier. Typhoid Santa.

@Whidou This is for a graphical application, so I'd have to start a terminal window, which seems even more fraught.

Context: Help files. On Mac, I can `open -e help.txt` to get TextEdit. On Windows, `notepad help.txt`. Linux: WTF.

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Hm. Can I assume on a rando Linux system that gedit exists for viewing a text file? Or just always use xdg-open and let them eat web browser or whatever opens it?

Oh, here's a video review:

Presumably the ZX Spectrum being shown is better graphics & sound than the VIC-20.

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Wow 50 games… on a cassette.
Best case you could get 40 minutes, at 300 bps = 72K data = 1.44K per game. Even if they pack several "games" into each binary, the VIC-20 only had 5K RAM.

So those are gonna be some *shitty* games.

Somehow there was both an iTunes icon, and a running iTunes icon, in my Dock.

A) Performative "liking" where your "followers" can see what you follow, fave, etc., is super fucking creepy and everyone should stop that right now.

B) The Pope clearly needs to get laid, and this may be the first time in centuries that any Pope or Cardinal has been attracted to an adult woman, so maybe just let it play out. Give him some room.

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Creepy laughin' guy should have his own Wes Craven movie series. Just shows up and laughs at you until you run in terror.

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uspol, religion, horrific nonsense 

Crazy people going crazy.

Paula White-Cain, the orange shitgibbon's "personal minister", especially is just amazing, like she's having a stroke on stage, gibbering in "tongues" and summoning "angels". Which sure looks like witchcraft to me, they should not suffer her to live.


I love the n-lite filter. Is it solely from trying to watch porn on scrambled channels? Will future generations never have this fetish? Or is the corrupted image eternally enticing?

Yo Bum Rush Thursday Music

Purple Powers, by Public Enemy: Just ambient music.
What You Gonna Do With the Grid Goes Down?, by Public Enemy: Not that.
Wake of a Nation, by Zeal & Ardour
Amerikkkant, by Ministry: Wow, 2018 feels like 20 years ago.

robot's hit an ominous "drip drip" phase, only 2/3 done. Maybe just heating more water.

I like automation, but sometimes I think I should pull out the old Braun and use that.

Also I just spent 30 minutes reading some of my old USENET posts.

Man, I was jacked up on a lot of strong coffee, hard science fiction, and hate for bad software.

Still am, but I've mellowed out so much since then. I'm astounded younger Mark didn't end up being the center of attention in a big humming chair.

Ah, SF reference found: Syne Mitchell's Changeling Plague. Dumbass h4xx0rz make & exploit a gene-editing plague.

Conclusion of BootQuest2020: Got the , standard size seems to fit perfectly. Jet-black and spiky tread. Guess I'll see if they survive 1 year like last cheapo pair, or 10 years like last good pair.

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