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- People and resources added to my reading list in 2020 •

- A retrospective look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard •

New, on — Notes on Apple’s “Hi, speed” event:

New, on — This nine-year chasm:

Steve Jobs passed away nine years ago today. This is an impromptu piece about his absence. Just thinking out loud, nothing more.

New, on — Brief notes on Apple’s “Time Flies” event:

New, on — Mac OS Big Sur logbook (7) - Dialog boxes:

New, on — Mac OS Big Sur logbook (6) - Brief look at Safari:

New, on — Mac OS Big Sur logbook (5) - First look at Mail:

New, on — Mac OS Big Sur logbook (4) - Other UI odds and ends:

New, on — Mac OS Big Sur logbook (3) - New beta, Finder windows:

These days I installed Mac OS Big Sur public beta on a test machine (a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro). I've started documenting my notes and observation in a 'logbook'. Here's what I published so far:

- Mac OS Big Sur logbook (intro):

- Mac OS Big Sur logbook (1) - Installation, the menu bar, first impressions:

- Mac OS Big Sur logbook (2) - Control centre:

New, on — Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth (Part 4):

I didn’t know the ThinkPad WiGig Dock existed, and now I want one. The problem is that I’ll also need a compatible ThinkPad to use it, haha!

(I have a soft spot for NeXT-looking cube-shaped devices, apparently!)

Tooting from Whalebird, since I was tired of Safari constantly reloading the Mastodon tab because it was "using significant energy". *eyeroll*

New, on — Traditional iPhone vs X-style iPhone interaction models:

New, on, a somewhat lighter piece — How I’d live this quarantine if it was 1990:

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• Yes to everything:
• Yes to everything – Addendum:

Ten days of work. About 27,000 words total. There are so many quotable bits in this gold mine of an interview. It’s a long read, but I just hope people will enjoy it.

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