Telling Facebook users to quit is like telling smokers to quit smoking. You hear the same kind of excuses.

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• The little MacBook that couldn’t:

• The Mac’s next transition: further considerations:

Today Twitter utterly exhausted me. It's hilarious how territorial people can get over platforms and devices. But also exhausting.

New, on — Still apprehensive about the Mac:

(Just a few, scattered thoughts.)

New, on — How the MacBook’s keyboard fiasco has reshuffled my whole upgrade path:

The jealousy a mother may feel for her son/daughter’s spouse can be understandable, but it’s misguided. It’s extremely probable that a mother wouldn’t mean everything to her son/daughter even if her son/daughter weren’t married to anyone.

The love a mother has for her son/daughter is different and asymmetrical from the love a son/daughter has for their mother. Especially when the people involved are all adults. The bond changes. It’s healthy. Some mothers have a hard time understanding that. Mine included, unfortunately.

New, on — “Origins of the Apple human interface” lecture — an annotated transcription:

[Fair warning: this is quite long: 13,123 words in total.]

Twitter, pnut, and here. Forgive me if I'm often tardy at getting back to you folks...

@peemee My unit is 32 GB, sadly. But hey, for that price I’m not complaining!

So… I did a bit of a crazy thing, but… for €60!? I had to have this.

New on — People and resources added to my reading list in 2018:

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