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A very happy 2019 to you all, gentlemen and gentlewomen! :-)

Any recommendations for a Mastodon client for Mac? Lately, for some reason, the Safari tab I keep open is reportedly sucking a lot of CPU resources on my machine.

Hey folks, I hope you had a great Christmas. I'm still in time to wish you all an excellent 2019. I hope things will improve for anyone, whether they're already good or not. :-)

Two very good used MacBook Airs. Same price. Same amount of RAM (4GB). Differences:

One is a 13” mid-2011 model with 256GB SSD.

The other is an 11” mid-2013 model with 128GB SSD.

The 13” has a bigger screen, but the 11” is newer. So undecided, but leaning towards the newer…

<font color="0000FE">This is a BlueToot</font>



New on — Flickr’s new boss, not the same as the old boss:

I used to leave a Mastodon tab open in my browser and it would auto-update, but not recently. I have to manually reload, sometimes more than once. Sometimes I can see new posts only if I empty the browser's caches.

I took the liberty to invite @hcmarks to our quiet spot on the Internet. He's fed up with Twitter, and he's one of the good guys. *raises glass* :-)

Make sure you check his literary podcast, Covered, if you're so inclined. I love it.

The article I’m laboriously writing is essentially a rant, and it’s funny, because a rant is usually something you’re supposed to write impetuously, then hit Publish without even re-reading it, and here I am, going back and forth, weighing sentences. I’m an upset writer and a calm editor all wrapped into one. Lol.

The only company I'd trust with making a Portal device is Valve Corporation.

I don’t feel old when I realise that a favourite song is 20 years old.

I feel old when I pull a muscle of my lower back when putting on a pair of trousers. So badly it felt like an electric shock. So badly I’m sitting in my studio chair and I *hope* I’ll be able to stand later.

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