A cute little coffee shop recently opened across the parking lot from my work. This could become a problem.

The morning of the second school day is always more painful than the first. Always.

Oops, I got in trouble for not filling out my timesheet at work. (I am very, very guilty of this.)

First day of school here! 8th, 5th, and 1st grades. Been a fun summer but we are ready to get back to the routine.

My wife pointed out how funny it is that those events basically started on the same day as each other, and here we are all this time later and they're finishing on the same day as well.

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Finally done with insurance paperwork, and my son had his last therapy session today. Treating ourselves to hibachi dinner to celebrate.

On a normal day, you can't believe much of what you read online. Today, you can't believe any of it.

Already over April Fool's Day.

It feels like spring here today! Well, almost. Maybe early spring-ish. Hey, I'll take it.

Wow! My company just announced new parental leave benefits:

Maternity – 12 weeks at 100% pay
Paternity/Parental – 2 weeks at 100% pay
Adoption – 2 weeks at 100% pay

We're done having kids, so we can't take advantage of it ourselves. But this is really great news.

Ugh. Just found out kids have a snow day tomorrow after this weekend's ice storm. Too many roads still blocked by broken branches for school busses to get through.

Chorizo is the best sausage. I will not entertain any arguments to the contrary.

I bought a second Aeropress so I can make my wife's and my coffee at the same time.

We take our coffee seriously in this house. ☕ ☕

Ok, that was so worth it. She was so excited that she couldn't stop crying.

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We're surprising our daughter with Hamilton tickets today as her early Christmas present. Can't wait to see her reaction.

Out-of-office automatic reply turned on. Definitely looking forward to some time off!

It's 60°F and has been raining buckets all day. Happy winter solstice, I guess?

They are playing the music from "Up" at my daughter's ballet class and now I am sad thinking about Carl and Ellie.

My kids partake in a lot of Christmases:

1. Our own
2. My dad's side of the family
3. My mom's side of the family
4. My in-law's side of the family
5. Close family friends that we always exchange gifts with

Tomorrow is #5, which kicks off our whirlwind Christmas celebration season. Buckle up.

Welp. It appears I should start car shopping. My clutch is dying - the original, with almost 140,000 miles on it, so not a huge surprise. Tires are in need of replacement and my catalytic converter tripped the check engine light.

I could fix all those things, or I could take that money and put it towards a new car. Think I'll do the latter.

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