I guess I'm just not a typical Amazon customer. After viewing a USB wifi adaptor I DID NOT buy a 12-pack of paper towel straight afterwards, unlike someone else.

Gout in my right ankle. It's just after midnight, 12 hours ago I was fine, now I can't get to sleep because of the pain & swelling. Plus walking is incredibly uncomfortable, I'm taking extra-large doses of anti-gout meds, but still need lots of time before they kick in.

I was given a set of four wine glasses 20 years ago, last week one fell over & the stem broke off. I’ve just reattached it with a UV-cured liquid plastic welding kit. Not as good as new but at least it’s fixed.

Unskilled man fears he will lose job in recession.

A bit complicated at present to connect my G4 PowerBook to HDMI, currently use a mini DVI to DVI-D adapter; a DVI-D to VGA adapter & a VGA to HDMI adapter. Amazon to the rescue, bought a mini DVI to HDMI adapter to do it all in one step.

I’d also like to know how to weaponise gout.

Most odd. The body corporate manager phoned me today, another resident was reporting two of the six security light bollards as not working & he didn't feel confident changing them. I've done this in the past, so with the manager's approval, I purchased four LED bulbs then waited for dusk to check them out.
Other resident must be smoking something, all six fittings are working fine.

10 days ago I searched Amazon for water filter cartridges to suit my benchtop purifier. It said ready to ship in 1 to 2 months. Checked again 12 hours ago, was told if I bought one it would arrive tomorrow. Done. The existing filter is mostly blocked now.

Had an unusual keyring-mounted chage cable delivered today. It has a USB-A plug on one end & a USB-C on the other. The flat ribbon cable folds in half with the two ends locking onto eachother with strong magnets.
The USB-C plug swings away revealing a hybrid Lightning/Micro USB plug. One side is Lightning, so it only fits one way to chage a iOS jigger & there's a hole in the end that contains the micro USB contacts.

Still on a bit of a learning curve with Hyperspace app on the Mac, the number of times I have almost hit the cancel button instead of the reply button is ridiculous. I'm assuming it's exposure to other services like Slack or 10Centuries which both have external Send buttons that's leading me astray.

A question for Android users: what's a good voice recording app?

I was walking past a pet shop. A sign on the shop front said ‘Pedigree Netherlands cats for sale.’
I didn’t believe they were from the Netherlands so I went into the shop and asked the assistant...

"How Dutch is that moggie in the window?"

I hear a steam whistle, that means it's time for the first of two annual "Snow Trains" run on normal tracks from the capital city to a rural city 160 km away by a volunteer steam restoration & tourism operator. It's called the Snow Train because one of its major stops is a transport hub for local snowfields.

I tend to have odd gastric reflux issues if I have tea or especially coffee just before bed. What actually works instead is a cup of hot water.

Nice (late) dinner of tuna in a Moroccan sauce served with pan-fried frozen grilled Mediterranean vegetables. Aubergines, zucchini, onion, capsicums, etc. I needed to have food with the extra-big dose of anti-gout meds.

Reversed the sleeping bag, now shiny side inward, seems just as warm but it doesn’t move around on the mattress as much.

"PCMCIA" Is a compound acronym referring to the original three main intended uses of the technology:

- PCM (sound card support)
- MCI (telephony)
- CIA (compromisation by nation-state actors)

I’d downloaded a supplemental update & applied it, been through Apple News for 40 minutes, downloaded, viewed & deleted an hour-long YouTube video & observed a reduction of available space on the MacBook Pro of around 3 GB.
So I ran CleanMyMac X & it found 5.7 GB of stuff to go as well as updating two apps.
Picked up a fair whack of free space doiung so. The Supplemental Update dmg is still on the system, I’m yet to shift it to external storage.

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