A friend in his 80s was taken by ambulance to a big hospital’s Emergency wing at 3 am today. He had been in home-based palliative care with acute kidney failure. When he leaves the Emergency dept it will be because they’ve found a bed in their Palliative Care ward or he has died while waiting for such a bed. He’s not coming home except as ashes on the mantlepiece.

One impeachment is bad, but two impeachments?

That’s just unpresidented.

Neither barricades outside the walls
Or the guards roaming Congress’ halls
Were effective, defending
Trump’s mob, intending
To tase themselves right in the balls.

In which I possibly solve another person’s problem by fixing it myself when I encountered it.

Cooked some fish for dinner, but it was still a bit underdone at the thickest bit, so I saved it for cat food. Mittens the mad cat is enjoying it immensely.

The bloke in our local chip shop says the best way to cook fish is to give it a good slap first.

Sounds like codswallop to me...

90-yr-old mother goes into a aged care facility on Monday for 5 weeks respite care, after which she’ll be a full-time resident.
My project is to cull all her boxes of photos & digitise the most relevant ones. ’ve scanned 3.5 GB of pics for a total of 979 pics.
I replaced the 2007 Epson scanner with a 2020 Canon one. With that & Vuescan app, I can load the flatbed with four pics, preview them, align the crop, rotate them & scan at 600dpi, then remove the pics. This cycle takes 2 minutes.

Zostavax vaccine
Safety advisory - risk of infection with the vaccine virus.
Following a third report of fatal disseminated vaccine strain varicella-zoster virus infection following Zostavax administration, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is reminding health professionals that Zostavax should not be used in people with compromised immune function. tga.gov.au/alert/zostavax-vacc
I am immune compromised, so need to be sure of things.

Why do chicken coops only have 2 doors?

Because if they had 4, they'd be called chicken sedans.

“Select all images with parking meters”. How am I supposed to know what a US parking meter looks like?!

Stop using this imperialist Google CAPTCHA spyware on your websites!

61 ways to estimate the height of a building with a smartphone. dsh.re/e1c2a

‘Larry’ is short for Lartholomew. ‘Harry’ is short for Hlarence. ‘Barry’ is short for Barriet

Which has higher Geekbench 5 scores, the 2020 MacBook Air 512 GB Apple M1 or the 2019 MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz Intel Core i9?

The Air scores higher on single & multiple core tests.

Even if the results were taken from a MBP with the 2.4 GHz i9, the MB Air would have won comfortably.

5½ hours to go. Significant easing of travel/visiting restrictions from midnight tonight. 25 km travel radius for shopping/exercise scrapped. Police-enforced barricades to isolate Melbourne from regional Victoria scrapped.
One month after his 21st birthday I’ll be able to get a significant gift to my nephew, had to make do with a short phone call on the day.
Plus I can visit my 90-yr-old mother for the first time since July. I missed her 90th birthday two months ago.

I’ve combined a laxative with alphabet soup. I call it “Letter Rip.”

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