Nasty plasticky crunching sound as I reversed from a tight underground parking space about 7 hours ago. I clipped a concrete pillar with the passenger-side mirror. Stopped to inspect the damage & found it all clipped back into place, the only sign of impact being some minor scrathing.

Inexplicably sore right shoulder, hurts to lift any weight over 300 grams at arm’s length. I have no recollection of doing anything physical to cause this condition.
No, @joshuanozzi, not that. My left hand is used for such activities.

What3Words divides the world into squares 3 metres on each side then allocates a unique three-word code to each square. Available as iOS & Android apps or online at:
Get the app or visit the website. Enter agreed.flash.brand in the search field.

This is the sort of app that can direct a pizza-delivery driver to a very precice location, for example.

If there was a contest for best traditional Irish dance shows, Riverdance would win it, hands down...

A splash of undiluted elderflower & lemon squash in my evening chamomile infusion makes a delightful drink.

A considerate driver caught up in traffic near a couple of busy schools made sat back to leave space for turning vehicles. I had just gone thru the gap when I heard screeching tyres and an expensive-sounding crunch behind me. Some STUPID woman came barreling up behind him, realised he wasn't moving and crashed into a barrier on the intersection, miraculously avoiding any other cars or pedestrians. I'll probably have whiplash from the amount of head-swivelling I did!

My HomePod does what I want it to: tells me the time & weather plus it’s the preferred speaker system for my Apple TV. It works well in filling the loungeroom with sound.

Apple releases iOS 12.3 & tvOS 12.3 with new TV app, watchOS 5.2.1 & macOS 10.14.5 also now available.

Carnal Knowledge Of Nuts is my new retro Afro-punk electro-folk Slayer cover band.

The instructions for the Clever Dripper coffee brewer suggest starting out with a coarse grind & a 15:1 water to coffee ratio by weight. For my big cup this equates to around ¼ cup of ground beans.
Brew with the lid on for three minutes, then set it onto the cup to open the valve. Coffee then drains out like a rapid pourover.
Using mild-roasted Ethiopian beans means I can make a beautiful mellow black coffee.

Normally I adulterate it with milk.

My next experiment will be a finer grind.

Looking at polling booth locations for next Saturdauy’s Federal election, I noticed a slight but significant address error in a rural-residential locale.
The Electorasl commission says the address is 276 xxxx Road but there should be a 0 in there, really it’s 2076 xxxx Road.

It’s been a cold wet chilly day. But other suburbs have seen major thunderstorms with heavy hail & flash flooding. Where my sister lives is one place affected with flooding, her place is OK, it’s up on the hill overlooking the bay.

I think I want coffee. But I know I really need tea.

Mixed some oats and milk a few days ago, intending to cook up in the microwave the following morning. Never did so I’m having it now for brunch.

In about 5 hours, according to the weather forecast, we can expect a “high” temperature of 14ºC. currently it’s almost 13º.


This episode of gastric reflux can fuck off right now. I want to try my new Clever Dripper coffee thingie but my throat is too irritated for that form of caffeine ingestion.

While updating the maps on my Navman GPS, the dsplay indicated 1193 hours, 2 minutes & 28 seconds remaining – that’s just over seven weeks.
90 seconds later it was done.

I am far from afraid of calling a spade a fucking shovel.

I set myself a challenge to dress entirely in my own recipe puff pastry and then cook dinner using a Chinese stir fry pan whilst travelling on foot.
Don’t tell me ‘that’s easy.’ You don’t know what it’s like until you’ve wokked a mile in my choux...

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