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Can’t sleep, nasal congestion, this on top of a slow restoration of voice function from a complete lack thereof a week ago.

Monday: Difficulty with speaking due to gastric reflux inflaming vocal cords.
Tuesday: Voice totally gone.
Wednesday: Some vocal activity, very little, though.
Thursday am: Voice coming back.
Thursday pm: Still resistance to proper speech but no problems with loud cursing.
Friday midday: Still some muffling at the back of the throat but intelligible conversation works.

More than suspected laryngitis. It’s confirmed. I was left w speechless by gastric reflux recovery contact inflaming my vocal cords. I couldn’t speak at all other than the odd grunt & a hoarse whisper. Might change my bio to read “hoarse whisperer.” Making a slow recovery. Won’t be right for a few weeks yet.

Annoyed. There’s another fucken public holiday tomorrow, so the medical clinic will be shut. Means I can’t get my suspected laryngitis checked out until the following day.

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Having lost the legal case brought against him by Mrs Smith, who objected to being called a pig, the plaintiff ask the judge for clarification.
“Your Honour, am I correct in presuming that legally I cannot call Mrs Smith a pig?”
“That is correct,” the judge replied.
He was then asked if there was any legal reason preventing the plaintiff from calling a pig ‘Mrs Smith.’
“All correct & above board,” he answared.
The plaintiff waved across the room to the other party, saying “Hello, Mrs Smith."

I realised I was dyslexic when I went to a toga party dressed as a goat

The band 10cc have booked a vacation touring around Scottish lakes, however they are not looking forward to it...

They dread loch holidays...

At night, Greta Thunberg imagines beautiful forests, set to Eurythmics. Swede dreams are made of trees.

Visited my mother on Saturday. My sister was there, but no evidence of her mad dog. I’m normally greeted by a protective session of barking but not this time. Then I noticed my sister’s red eyes & a general lassitude & slump to her shoulders.

Her dog was mostly blind & profoundly deaf and (we hope) never heard or saw the suspected car or SUV that struck her on the nearby highway earlier in the morning.

Zoe the dog had a huge gash in her side from the impact - we do so hope the end was quick.

I have 2 SanDisk iXpand USB/Lightning drives, one of 64 GB, the other 32. The latter went for a swim in the dumper today, I extracted it with a magnet on a string. I dried out its USB end with a hairdryer & attached it to the MBP. It showed in the Finder as 31.9 GB capacity with 42.77 GB free space.
After a degree of head-scratching I restarted the Mac.All fixed, now displaying 25.6 GB free.

My observations on dark mode on computers & communications devices:
Ugly, Pointless, Avoid.

Thought it might be a good idea to remove the iPad from the computer bag I don’t plan to touch for a week or so. Good thing I did, iPad was down to 1% battery. Now charging.

Men's Shed has a basic 4 year old 21.5 inch iMac. 2.7 GHz quad-core i5, 8 GB RAM & a 1TB HDD. Today I added another volume to the physical drive's container and installed Catalina on that. It works well enough & swaps to the on the (Mohave) OS quicker than I thought it would.

We’re planning a bit of a “knees up” to celebrate my father’s 100th birthday in November.
He can’t make it, he died in 2002.

I hate conspiracy theories and actually think there's a group of people creating them just to annoy me.

Today I noticed it was no longer possible to share folders from either iOS 13.1.2 or from iPadOS 13.1.2. I can confirm that on September 22nd I was DEFINITELY able to share both folders & files from iOS 13 on my iPhone – this was three days before the release of iPadOS 13.1 (there was no iPadOS 13).

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher ther following:

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