It was only a little can, 330 ml of hard (8%) cider but I can already feel a bit woozy from it. To think 40 years ago I’d buy similar stuff in 2-litre bottles & finish then in a few sittings!

Ultrasound tests today. Testing kidneys, bladder & prostate. Anomalies on recent blood tests prompted this appointment. I need to have finished drinking one litre of water by 11 am, 1 hour before the appointment.

Snow down to 100 metres in the capital city’s Central Business District yesterday.
Here, at 68 metres elevation, it was merely frigid.

My latest invention: EarSavers! Double-sided velcro cable tie cut in half. One end of each half wraps around the elastic ear loop of a disposable (or otherwise) mask. Fit over the ears as normal then stretch the other ends behind the head and fasten to each other.

Just learned a friend & mentor has been taken to hospital with low kidney function & fluid retention issues, the IV meds for that didn’t work. The family are worried he my come down with pneumonia as a result of the excess fluid.
What with his problems & the lockdown restrictions, I have to accept that I may never see him again.

Five Guys is coming to Australia & New Zealand.

I know nothing of this mob. Is this a good thing or otherwise?

Scum-sucking fuckpigs. Bought a reusable coffee pod on Amazon for $15, Seller says it fits my machine. Wrong, it’s 1mm too tall & the locking handle can’t go all the way down.
Requested return/refund. Seller replied: “there will be cost involved in returing. How about you keep the item & accept a 15% refund.
Declined offer, the thing is unusable & a refund of $2.25 is an insult.
I’ll probably have to involve Amazon in sorting out this issue.

Given up on Kindle dark mode. There’s a brief flash of light at every page change. And I’m a fast reader.

Having had my Kindle Paperwhite suddenly updated to firmware version 5.13.1, I’m now trying dark mode.

I loathe the way Amazon updates its customer’s Kindles without announcing that it’s going to happen. Very disconcerting when you pick it up after it’s gone to sleep thru inactivity & it’s about to restart.

Further restrictions in stage 3 lockdowns. Stay within your own suburb when shopping for food/essentials. Stay within your own suburb when exercising. Restaurants/cafes to be takeaway-only.

Mid-winter. It’s cold outside. I have nerve damage affecting my outer toes, the smaller ones. I’m wearing super-insulsting socks in bed & while they’re warmer, those toes are getting numb again. Next week I expect an Amazon delivery of battery-heated socks (they take 2 AA cells each & provide warmth for up to 3 hours per charge.
If I wear the heated ones inside the insulated fluffy ones I might be OK.

Getting harder to remotely lock/unlock my car, probably need a new battery in the remote. Vehicle is pushing 8 years old & I doubt the first owner wouls have replaced it. Now I just have to get the right one, it’s a 1620 3v lithium battery, I must not confuse it with the more common 2016 cell.

Supply & demand.

A few weeks back I paid $29 on Amazon for a box of 50 disposable face masks, now they’re $34.

Or $70 in ALDI. Definitely the same ones, I snapped a photo of the supplier’s label while in ALDI & compared it with my box.

‘I’ before ‘e’ except when weighing, surveilling or reimbursing either a seized caffeinated deity or a heinous seismic poltergeist on a heifer whose neighbour reignited eight feisty foreign sovereign atheist reindeer after a heist. That’s weird...

Hello to American authors completely without a clue.
“Hanger:" short sword or person/device who/which hangs clothing.
“Hangar:” a large building with an extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft.
Please learn & use the difference.

Damn. We’re back in lockdown for six weeks as of midnight tomorrow. Residents in affected areas will be barred from leaving their homes for any purpose other than work, food, exercise or medical care. Retail businesses will remain open subject to density limits, markets will be for food and drink only and hairdressers will remain open.

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