Nice pizza for dinner tonight, consumed at the table in the common room in the accommodation wing at the pub. Washed down with an AeroPress brew. Ham, cheese, anchovies, olives & mushrooms atop the standard tomato puree.

Tomorrow on the way home I’ll have a break in the township where my mother’s Irish ancestors settled back in the 1860s when they emigrated. The ship they sailed in was sponsored in part by my father’s Scottish ancestors.

It’s a small world.

The tea & coffee in the common room for guests here leaves much to be desired. No problem, I have my AeroPress and some decent teabags. I shall manage.

It's an old pub. The wooden flooring creaks alarmingly and the corridors are narrow. But the rooms are comfortable and I have a fantastic view.

I’m staying over in a little country town with a pub on three of the four corners of a major intersection. Mine is an upstairs corner room in one of those establishments with a balcony on two sides.

The tide is out. Photo taken at Goughs Bay, on the northeast section of Lake Eildon.,
Smoke haze from distant fires. I drove past an airfield hosting a large normal helicopter & an Erickson Skycrane plus three Embraer 202 cropdusters all fitted out for fire suppression duties.

New use for an Android phone with USB-C: USB disk management. I needed to erase a 16 GB USB stick but the Mac (via DiskUtility) wouldn’t unmount the drive so the erasure failed.
Attached a USB-C adaptor & shoved it up the Nokia 7.1 which wouldn’t recognise the drive but did offer to initialise it.
Accepted the offer.
This put it into a state whereby DiskUtility could unmount it & I was then able to erase the drive completely, removing the just-added Android files too.

@peemee Almost completed the Sierra updates on the external HDD attached to the MacBook Pro.

Booted MBP from a clone made on the iMac when it was running Sierra. Strangely it wouldn’t boot on the iMac despite using a USB-C to SATA interface adaptor rated at 10 Gbps. Twenty-two software updates on the Mac App Store and several others done manually.

I remember being very disappointed when I learnt that all these "DIY weather station" things were for recording the weather and not controlling it

As bad as Hitler was, he never grabbed women by the pussy and there's a lot to be said for that level of integrity.

Fixed Mum’s TV problem, easy solution: buy a new unit.

Taking my bedroom TV to Mum’s place tomorrow, we can’t get hers working at all. Mine is a known device so if it works in her bedroom, it means she’s up for a new TV.

“Can’t you just put the old one from the loungeroom (replaced two Xmases ago with an LCD unit) in here instead?”

No. It’s a big heavy CRT job that would need a set-top box & extra remote control to bring in the digital signals now than analogue TV is dead.

Just drove past a building where I got a bit upset some 27 years ago. One fellow there insulted me and I had to be restrained from throwing a chair at him. I had the chair raised in my right hand. Normally I can't pick up an armchair one-handed but as I said, I was angry.

Heading off to a a town with a big holiday market, it’s the Labour Day long weekend, with Monday being Labour Day itself, named to celebrate the 8-hour working day.
Market is open from 8 am to noon, it’ll take about 90 minutes to get there. I aim to leave around 7 am.

There’s a critter in these parts that’s generally deadly to motor vehicles that aren’t off-roaders or actual commercial trucks: the wombat, aka mobile rock. My first car had been the family car for 9 years, it was a 1964 Toyota Crown wagon, with a front suspension crossmember heavier that that fitted to most trucks. This, in addition to a massive chromed front bumper at least a foot deep shrugged off wombats. This was a real tank of a thing, very hard to bend & quite rust-resistant,

Another batch of cold brew coffee prepared, I do need to use a darker roast in future. It needs around 1.2 litres of water to make 900 ml of cold concentrate as the coffee grounds take up about 25% of the water content. Averaging about 11 litres of concentrate per kg of coffee.

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