Free travel on weekends, ½-price travel at other times, a daily cap of $4·30 on any one trip, free off peak travel vouchers. Discounted country rail/coach trips. It’s not a bad deal, but the 6-decade qualifying period can be a bitch.
That’s what you get when you apply for a Seniors Card in this state, one other qualifyer other than being over 60: must be working less than 35 hrs per week. It’s a free public transport access card.

Cat is perched on the foot of my bed in the cool air stream from the portable A/C.
Not silly.

Just checked the Photos app on my Mac: it’s been almost 5 years since the last cousins’ reunion. The same venue then will be used this year, meeting on the same weekend in February as last time.
I’m hoping for kinder weather: 5 years ago the Sat/Sun temperatures were 42ºC & 43ºC respectively.
At least the humidity was well below 10% on those days, long-sleeved shirt, hat, sunscreen & a ready supply of fluids were sufficient for comfort.

Today at the Men’s Shed I was trying to work out why my iPhone SE wasn’t connecting to cellular data.
Turns out it was connecting just fine. And still on charge beside my bed. I had picked up the iPod Touch instead in my rush to leave.
Both devices are in blue-coloured waterproof cases which are expremely similar.

It’s crazy how fast milk trucks are driven these days.

One blink and they’ve gone pasteurise.

Power gardening tools get expensive or impossible to fix. A medium-duty 36-volt line trimmer has a Li-ion battery that’s buggered & no longer on sale. My light-duty trimmer also needs a new battery but they’re $72 each.
I have a variety of tools that work from a cordless drill battery: chainsaw, hammer drill, wet & dry hand vac, LED work lamp & a fluorescent light. I have 3 Li-ion & 2 NiMh batteries so yesterday I paid $99 for a light-duty line trimmer that uses the same batteries.

Does anyone know the number of a vet?

My mate has been checking the room sizes in his new flat and the cat has suffered some minor injuries.

A person came into my pet store and asked if we had any chameleons.

"I have no idea" I said.

Mountains aren't just funny.

They're hill areas.

Trying to recall what went missing when I upgraded to new waterproof 10th gen Kindle Paperwhite.

Just realised it was the extra fonts, so I’ve added Times Newer *Roman to its system.

*Newer, not New.

An old Western TV series has gone viral over an episode that predicted Donald Trump’s presidency. Even proposed building a wall.

But wait, there’s more! The character in the TV series has the surname of Trump!😆

Lets ban pre-shredded cheese: make America grate again!

This makes a change from funerals, which is how we’ve been meeting up lastely, the last big one was in July.

Just learned of a cousins’ reunion in 5 weeks time. It’s for my siblings & our cousins/offspring on Mum’s side of the family. Originally numbering 23, aged from 40 to 67, disease & recreational drug usage has reduced that number to 21. Probably half of the cousins are grandparents now.
As soon as I heard of the gathering I checked my favourite local motel bookings, there was just one room left, so I booked it.

What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants?

One’s a crusty bus station, the other is a busty crustacean.

Well pleased with my selection of the “Daddy’s Girl” coffee blend from
I have major gastric reflux issues & can’t manage strong coffee any more. This is a rich-tasting, almost chocolatey blend of Indian, Ethiopian & Columbian coffees. Very pleasant indeed, plus I took advantage of a 10% discount coupon code at purchase.
The company decided last year to make shipping within Australia free.

The weather change has set in, I hear thunder & the temperature has dropped by 20˚C, it’s only 23˚C now.

41˚C, headed for a high of 42˚C in about an hour, my oiriginal plan was to hide in the municipal library but my A/C is coping at home so that’s unnecessary.
Weather forecast shows temps dropping from 42˚ at 3 pm (currently 1:30 pm) down to just below 30˚ at 4 pm.

That will be nice.

You can’t boost posts on this instance?

I want to add that I’m in the same situation as @larand here:

Going back to work is going to get in the way of my work.

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