I’ve been working on radio scripts at work this week. On Thursday, we record and produce.

It’s kind of neat to get credit for something like that :)

Also, I have all the autocorrect typos today and I just don’t care. Deal with it.

Microsoft Teams meetings are literally the worst. Everyone joins early and then just sits there and awkwardly stares at the camera.

My entire family is anti-mask. All of them. And yet, I’m supposed to go home for multiple days over the holidays like everything is fine. They treat me like shit and constantly discount my feelings about the pandemic, and I’m supposed to act like they’re good people.

You guys, I’ve had this job for four days and I love it already πŸ’œπŸ˜

I had six MS Teams video meetings today. SIX.

This job is apparently 80% meetings.

I started my new job today and I absolutely love it. The building. The people. The job. The trust they have in me and the value they’ve already put into the work I did today. I love it.

Oh, and they gave me a MacBook Pro, but that’s just gravy, really.

My temporary, seasonal job was supposed to begin tomorrow.

But I was just offered a full-time position with a marketing agency!

So, Mast doesn’t get updates anymore, does it? My notifications tab hasn’t loaded in over a month, so I guess I’m going to back to the Toot! app.

My temporary seasonal position is due to begin next Monday. This Wednesday, I have a final-round interview with a local marketing agency.

Landed a temporary/seasonal job that is done from home. They supply computer equipment and the job goes through the holidays. No benefits. But it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

Two Zoom interviews tomorrow. Two phone interviews on Thursday. Two Zoom interviews on Friday. One in-person interview on Saturday.

I now have six interviews scheduled between Wednesday morning and the end of Saturday. Some are seasonal, some are full time.

I hope one of them works out.

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