Curled up in my crochet project. Again. It's her new favorite place for snoozles, apparently.

My brother-in-law is buying my Apple Watch for as a Christmas gift for my sister. He called me a β€œJew bag” because I wouldn’t give it to him for $150 (I was asking $180).

I hate that asshole so much.

Made it to the shortlist from 300 applicants for a job I would be great at. Schedule a video call with the job poster. I click the link to initiate the call at the right time. He doesn’t pick up. I tried three more times. He never picked up. I’m not happy right now.

I can’t type to save my life today. I’m gonna go ahead and blame the β€œIDGAF” Friday attitude.

I’ve had this migraine for three days now. It’d be great if it would go away.

It’d be nice if just one of the jobs I applied to recently would get back to me.

I’m definitely not looking forward to work this week. However, my last customers for the year are flying in Thursday, so there’s that. A smol bright spot.

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