But damn, videos are smooth AF now 😍

Co Wokers got me a camera gimbal as a goodbye gift. They are just crazy πŸ™ˆ

Fells like I just started working at this place yesterday and today is already my goodbye party. That went quick.

How exactly did I live without iOS 12 notification grouping before?!

LDR in one picture. We now have 100k messages on WhatsApp. πŸ™ˆ

I have experienced the same lately where my phone just takes better photos in certain situations than my $1500 DSLR. Crazy times we live in. youtu.be/v3m81493kTM

People with AirPods: What's your experience with using it with multiple devices (Mac and iPhone in my case)? I am really disappointed by it and my "normal" Bluetooth headphones without a fancy W1 chip usually work way better with switching devices.

TIL I have only 29 days left of work. I can do whatever I want after this πŸŽ‰

Me: Switches from Gboard back to the stock iOS keyboard because of privacy
Also me: Uses WhatsApp

Am I stupid or is it not possible to add checked baggage to an Economy flight with Delta online?

Going to a football game tonight. Why? That I don't know...

Just called Adobe and asked them for a discount although I'm not a student. And just like that they gave me 65% off on Creative Cloud. @henry

Adobe Creative Cloud was 40% off until the end of August and why did no one tell me? 😒

2 hours on the phone. My AirPods are dead and my girlfriend's have 76% left. What kind of magic is this?

How often do you pick up your phone in a day?

New Lightroom update is pretty cool and now I'm kind of regretting buying Lighroom 6. Should have gone with Creative Cloud in the beginning...

Always dangerous to use Split Toning in Lightroom when you're color blind. I feel like I'm overdoing it without noticing. πŸ™ˆ

Instagram showed me ads based on something I talked about in a WhatsApp chat which was a bit scary. Tried to use iMessage in the meantime but omg it is bad. How is it so popular?

NYC why do you have to be so damn expensive? How do people even live there? 😱

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