Step 1. Take camera somewhere. Step 2. Use said camera. We got this.

LOL that game looked literally just like Breath Of The Wild what?

I’ve been having trouble being motivated to shoot photos. I have way too many great cameras that I’m never utilizing. Any creatives out there, how do you keep yourself going?

No Tootdon notifications? Anyone else have this problem? I was using Mast prior to about an hour ago.

I wish I didn’t lose my Apple Pencil. Time to spend too much money....

Recommendations for apps for a to do list with reminder alerts? Would prefer to have one with google integration.

Mast is a very pretty app. Hoping the iPad app works better now. Seems to be doing okay now.

What’s going on this morning everyone?

I have the opportunity to get a second degree or a Masters degree entirely for free. What are some options as secondary degrees? What makes me more valuable? More money for current job? Good secondary alt careers? IT? Hmmm.

Studying all week for my Part 107 FAA cert.

It’s crazy how much a different app will make something more appealing to use. Ex: Mastodon.

Just started Haunting of Hill House finally. Such a neat show.

Just over a week at the new job. Stress and anxiety of the last job is fading away. It’s lovely.

12.9 or 11 new iPad Pro? Currently have 1st gen 12.9.

Update on my previous posts. Job interview went really well. Received job offer and accepted. Excitement.

Well I had my phone interview a few weeks, I thought it went well. Was asked to come in for an in person interview last Tuesday and I think that went well too. Just this morning they asked if they could reach out to my references, here’s to hoping everyone...

I’m very OCD about iOS font. As it’s not interchangeable I find myself changing the font size probably a dozen times a day. I can’t find one specific size I like. There’s problems I have with each scale. This is my hell.

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