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If I post a photo of Sylvester you like and think others would like, you're more than welcome to boost it.

I'm not going to beg for boosts because I don't really care. I'm just saying Sylvester photos are definitely fair game. :)

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I'm a software developer who's interested in many different things, some of which I want to try one day. I live in Abbotsford, BC, an hour outside of Vancouver.

I like photography, and my son and I are taking ukulele lessons together.

I post frequent pictures of the house CEO, a tuxedo cat.

It's funny. People say the MacBook was discontinued, but looking at Apple's website it looks to me like they dropped the Air and replaced it with the MacBook, plus a few features.

"Hey, dude (dudette, or other)… you can attach photos! You know, ones you take. If you say OK. SAY OK!"

Trying to think of what I can usefully say here. This happens when the user clicks the camera button.

There should be a picard-facepalming.

These biscuits I made (which didn’t turn out) look a lot like fried chicken.

Also new Sylvester behaviour, though it’s been building for a few months: howling on the other side of the bathroom door. And so many leg rubs when i come out.

Ever look for your phone in your pocket while you’re using it? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Anyone else still want a lawyer dog?

Tried to play my first (cheap) ukulele last week. I kind of question whether I actually learned anything since buying the replacement. Maybe it’s just that much easier to play.

@joshuanozzi any of yours steal straws?

Or strawberries.

New behaviour from Sylvester: if you leave a straw in a drink, he will try to steal the straw. He’s pretty good at it, too.

Have you seen my cat?

Oh, he's right here. I just want to share more pictures.

Whoever favorited that just as I deleted it, sorry. I thought I had to include the phone part because it makes it so much weirder.

An actual phone conversation I just had:

“Hi, Bed Bath Beyond.” (The real greeting is so much longer than this.)
“What are your hours today?”
“I get off at seven.”
“… I meant the store.”

When I told my wife that she joked I should’ve asked the girl if she wanted a ride home.

People talk about Twitter ruining society but it's YouTube.

My twelve year old: "Dad, why are there ads on YouTube telling me to quit school?"

So, YouTube, why?

Working with an iOS project I haven't touched in four years I'm reminded how much easier it is to just deal with libraries rather than use Cocoapods. (No sarcasm.)

It’s our tail and we loves it very much.

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