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"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." -- US First Amendment (in full)

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If I post a photo of Sylvester you like and think others would like, you're more than welcome to boost it.

I'm not going to beg for boosts because I don't really care. I'm just saying Sylvester photos are definitely fair game. :)

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I'm a software developer who's interested in many different things, some of which I want to try one day. I live in Abbotsford, BC, an hour outside of Vancouver.

I like photography, and my son and I are taking ukulele lessons together.

I post frequent pictures of the house CEO, a tuxedo cat.

Oops. Fell into a Dan Seals (and England Dan and John Ford Coley) sized hole while playing the ukulele today. :-)

Star Trek Discovery s3e2 

I have to admit this distant future is exciting me much more than near-post-Nemesis would have.

Also, what exactly did Data do on the bridge?

I know he was "ops," but helm/nav becoming con… it wasn't really clear what ops did other than "respond to orders from the captain that tactical or navigation don't for whatever reason."

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If you're a Star Trek fan but haven't read about Star Trek Phase II (which morphed into TMP)…

It's basically TOS, but some changes:

- Spock was gone.
- Decker was the XO.
- Ilia was navigator.
- Decker and Ilia had the same relationship as TMP.
- Chekov was security chief.
- Xon was the science officer. A Vulcan seeking an understanding of humanity and emotion.

A lot of this got used in TMP (except Xon killed immediately, and renamed to avoid spoiling the character unnecessarily) and TNG.

I'm trying to learn Back in Black on the ukulele and there should probably be a law against this.

I suppose if you're having a bad day, you can at least take something from the fact that you don't have everything else you're dealing with PLUS Liam Neeson's character from Taken trying to kill you.

I brought it in to protect it from the cold, but how do I protect it from the cat?

My wife and I are in (separate) bathrooms at the same time, and The Boy is at school. The Cat is going insane. He’s trying to pull himself under the bathroom door to reach me.

This might be my favourite Archer episode: Lo Scandalo.

It’s the one where the Italian Prime Minister is shot dead in Mallory’s apartment. It’s mostly a Mallory, Sterling, Lana bottle episode (almost entirely one room) but they add the other characters near the end. It’s kind of brilliant, doing a bottle episode in animation.


“And is Krieger hard at work?”
“He literally might be, yes.”

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“Plausible deniability isn’t a super realistic goal here. We need to sneak the body out somehow.”
“Sure, will just walk a dead body right out the front door, idiot.”
“What then? Burn the apartment down?”
“We are not burning down my apartment.”
“You sure?”
“Shut up. I hit broil instead of bake.”

I bet this translates into other languages horribly. The best joke is the transition from talking about the dead body to talking about the garlic bread.


“Potato, po-dildo.”

Archer isn’t really about sex, they are just willing to go there. I think it’s all about how we communicate and power dynamics.

You ever get the feeling when shopping “I’m going to die of old age in this store”?

Archer’s new car (back in season three):

“What else does it do?”
“Press that red button.”
“Wait, is it gonna kill everybody?”
“Press that blue button.”

cats don't live continuous existences, in that they can cease to exist in one spot (say, in their bed on your right) and come into existence in other spot (in the hallway to your left with a demanding stare).

Imagine being Shelley Long and finding out you’re not the craziest person to have been on Cheers.

I’m watching Mike Tyson mysteries. Two questions: how the hell does this show exist? How did they get the actual Mike Tyson to say these things?

Trying to watch Venom finally. I’m bored before the title card.

If I have to pick up my cake next year it’s going to big one and it’s going to say either “you’re fucking awesome, Steve. Happy birthday.” or “The man, the myth, the legend. Happy birthday, Steve.”

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