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I'm a software developer who's interested in many different things, some of which I want to try one day. I live in Abbotsford, BC, an hour outside of Vancouver.

I like photography, and my son and I are taking ukulele lessons together.

I post frequent pictures of the house CEO, a tuxedo cat.

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Two mafia hit men are walking in the woods at night.

"I know we're supposed to be tough, but I gotta admit this is kinda scary."

"YOU'RE scared? I'm the guy that's gotta walk out of here alone."

I'm excited about my new MacBook Air. The guy picking it up made a mistake and got the 8GB one. I noticed before opening it, but we discussed it and decided to try it anyway. It can always be someone else's computer in six months.

So far the 8GB seems fine.

Handsome Sylvester greeted me this morning with a stretch putting his claws in my back as I sat in an open back chair.

Handsome Sylvester has shorter claws now.

J K Rowling imaginary bullshit 

J K Rowling reveals the best way to cook house elves is with lemon, and that they should only ever be prepared by a biological woman for her husband.

…almost believable, isn't it?

14 year old son: "Did you know deep fried butter is a thing?"
Me: "Yeah. Sounds gross, though."
Son: "Guess where it comes from?"
Me: "Cows."
Son: *stares in horror*
Me: *slowly raises both middle fingers at him*
Son: *bursts out laughing*

Black Widow sorta spoiler 

I really enjoyed Yelena. She was written and cast perfectly, and her actress performed brilliantly. By the end of the movie, I found myself looking forward to the next part of the Black Widow story… which I wasn’t expecting at all.

Loki spoilers 

I think it’s reasonable to assume we won’t see Sylvie again, at least for many years.

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Loki spoilers 

One of the interesting things about Loki is that the character is the one from the original Avengers. Yet he gets to view the rest of his life at TVA and learns just as much, maybe more, as the Endgame Loki. Which actually seems real: he saw it all in just a few hours, plus his death.

Watching the end of Star Trek Generations. Kirk’s death is still bullshit.

This "Lover's Spat" song in Schmigadoon! episode 2 has me rolling.

I’m a cynical asshole and I should hate Ted Lasso.

Why the fuck is this show so good?

After some introspection, I think the show reminded me I'm not a cynic. I'm an optimist who's suffered a relentless and undeserved emotional beating. And it's okay to say "fuck all that! I choose to remain a positive person."

I love both of Hilde's friends in Home Before Dark so much.

I think I might give Schmigadoon a try. I’m not usually interested in that sort of thing, but the "We're smart! We found our way out of Ikea!" line in the trailer sold me.

Well, I mean, I did like Gallant. I’m not swine.

I'm like 30 seconds into this week's The Flash and they've already made Jessica Parker Kennedy's acting look bad. She was great! What the fuck is going on here?

All this season, it seems to be that the actors (all of them) are getting the direction "be more earnest! be more earnest!" and it's at the point it just feels like a parody of something that was good.

When I was a kid, I saw something in my bedroom: body of a cat, head of a monkey, wings of a dragon. It’s padded like a cat across my bed, settled on my footboard, adjusted its wings, and watched me.

I hid for hours.

I’m sure it was just a night terror, but they are well-named.

Me: Okay, so what was so important that you kept interrupting my call?
Son: When I'm older, will you help me get an armored truck?
Me: …
Me: Get the fuck out of here.
Son: *laughs all the way to his room*

Loki s1e6 

The variant that wrote that ending should be pruned.

Who would’ve thought the guy most famous for saying “you can do it, you can do it all night long” in an Adam Sandler movie would be a fucking tool?

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