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If I post a photo of Sylvester you like and think others would like, you're more than welcome to boost it.

I'm not going to beg for boosts because I don't really care. I'm just saying Sylvester photos are definitely fair game. :)

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I'm a software developer who's interested in many different things, some of which I want to try one day. I live in Abbotsford, BC, an hour outside of Vancouver.

I like photography, and my son and I are taking ukulele lessons together.

I post frequent pictures of the house CEO, a tuxedo cat.

Sylvester managed to drag his water bowl about 7 feet overnight. He lost most of the water along the way.

honestly, a 1% public urination rate sounds like the internet is classing up.

'Storm Area 51' event draws only 100 people, one arrested for public urination

You be you, Internet.

I was disappointed to read the new camera UI is an iPhone 11 exclusive feature. I like the camera, but the mode slider sucks.

He gets excited whenever anyone picks up the laser. He also looks at you when the point disappears.He seems to understand what’s going on.

"Your contact __ has joined Twitter!"
I click the link to the profile.
Bio says 'I'm just here for Trump. 🇨🇦"

"iOS 13.1 brings a number of other minor tweaks and changes as well, including better iPad mouse support"

Is that in iOS 12? iPadOS 13.0 doesn't exist, right?

So earlier today I was petting Sylvester. He was really enjoying it. My wife started singing her little song in the other room. The one she sings while rocking him. He jumped away, ran out, bit her, ran back.

That’s how much he hates being rocked.

Free advice for iOS 13 (which is exactly how much it's worth, of course):

13.0: Don't bother. Even if it's perfect (surprise, it's not) 13.1 will be better. And it's coming out next week.
13.1: Coming out Tuesday? Wait until Wednesday. Look for specific problems that will hurt you. Don't pay any attention to vague hand waving; there are always people there to bitch about anything.

Is there a contradiction here? Yeah, sure. But again: NEXT WEEK. You can probably wait!

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Whoever stole my copy of MS Office...

I will find you...

You have my Word.

I hate it when stupid code that doesn't need to be there crashes.

Wait. No I didn't. YOINK.

I'm starting to refer to Sylvester sleeping in the closet in my den as him being "hard at work."

My wife likes to stand, holding the cat. She wordlessly sings to him and rocks him gently, like she did our son when he was just a baby.

The cat fucking hates this.

“Your alarm clock woke me up again, Steve.”

Local Burger King hasn’t had a POS system in 50 weeks. Imagine doing it by hand for a whole year! They’re almost there!

ESR is an asshole. Actual quote. Show more

When did Xcode add Embed In View Without Inset because that fixes so much badness.

I don't even know what CW to use here. Nudity? Almost injury? Cat? Show more

Just realized I forgot to attribute that. It's obviously Lt. Commander Data, right? Do I need to D&RD that?

A tail is quite essential
for your acrobatic talents
You would not be so agile
if you lacked its counterbalance

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